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Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro

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Uncle Chico Newsletter No. 6
Date: Dez, 9th . 2.011

My friends, the end of the year approaches. Therefore, the time has come for the...

Best and Worst of 2011

Note: this article of mine was completed on Nov, 23rd./11 and forwarded for translation. That is, before Uncle Chico receiving information from Roberto Sene that the CBKC, with technical advice from the CBRFB, instituted the APR (Apt for breeding = Certificate of Approval for Breeding) for the Fila Brasileiro (CBKC News Letter 122/11). I congratulate these entities, especially Sergio de Castro and Roberto Sene, because since the launch of my website in May/09 I have been strongly suggesting the application of this concept of selection. I hope this APR will be very similar to the CAFIB Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament applied for 34 years with great success. I'm waiting for CBKC`s Regulation and practical application, in order to meet its practice. I hope that a new Era is beginning in the Fila-CBKC. Congratulations to all "fileiros".

1. Best Releases:
1.1. Without any doubt, the recently-launched new site of the Canil Itanhandu (see, opened by couple Gerson and Cintia Junqueira de Barros, founded in 1986 and one of the most important CAFIB breeders. This site was created with the significant assistance of one of the oldest breeders of Fila, who in 1987 got tired of mix-breeding, met CAFIB, became the founder of the CAFIB’s Vale do Guaratinguetá-SP and in 1993 became CAFIB’s judge: Jonas Tadeu Iacovantuono. In this site you cannot fail to visit the introduction written by Jonas himself (!__ingles-fila-brasileiro ) and especially the link "Disqualification by Mix-breeding" (!__ingles-desqualificao ) where in an extremely didactic way, it is visually demonstrated the mixing of the Fila with English Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastin and Danish-black (or Great Dane / German Dog).

As we know, one of the biggest causes of mix-breeding was the widespread ignorance of Fila breeders, who in the 70’s and 80’s did not know these three breeds. For most of them these dogs were restricted to being only Molossos, not being capable to see the huge differences existing between these four breeds. For this reason I think this link on the Itanhandu Kennel site is a must and should be studied in depth by those who wish to know the True History of the Fila.

a - This site is another site that proves the mix-breeding and was rather praised even in public by the leaders of the SPFB and Advisers of the CBRFB (Brazilian Council of Fila Brasileiro Breed) of CBKC.  Among them, Roberto Sene and Virgilio Orsi.

b - This site is another tool that proves the existence of mix-breeding. Therefore, this existence is proven, but it is no good for the leaders of the SPFB and CBKC only to acknowledge it, and then cross their arms, not noticing such a terrible damage. I believe that these leaders have an obligation to immediately exclude the mix-breeds dogs with CBKC pedigree from the Fila breeding stock of these clubs.

c - I further inform that CAFIB site will be providing the official Fila Visual Standard of our Club.

1.2. Release of “Ask Uncle Chico” who is in its 10th edition and of “Uncle Chico`s Newsletter” which is now in its 6th edition, both filled with argument and true documentation about our File  ). My articles always present a strong counter-argument to false theories previously issued by those who were ill-used to post any nonsense and lies on the web without receiving proper warning and reprimand. These people are the so-called "NPMB" (Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding).

2. Great Improvement in the Phenotype of Fila Photos posted on Facebook:
Several photos of Filas with very good phenotype began to be posted on the Facebook group called “Fila Brasileiro Seleção com Responsabilidade” (Fila Brasileiro, Selection with Responsibility) from September 2011. We were happy to become aware that may Fila breeders of SPFB and CBKC are putting aside the dogs of the types and varieties they, themselves, call “stocky-Fila, basset-Fila, mini-Fila and Fila-toy” and I would further add the Filas of the giant, black, freak and genetic-salad types in favor of the true phenotype of the Fila Brasileiro.

Many breeders started to exhibit on this Facebook photos of Filas with better typicality, which greatly resemble the homogeneity presented in the Analyses and Expos of CAFIB as, for instance, the one held in Quatis-RJ on October 23 and made available on link of my site.

Many of these breeders privately send me photos of their Filas for me to evaluate them and I am very happy to note that the vast majority would be approved by CAFIB in our "Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament" ( ). So, our congratulations to these breeders of true Filas, members SPFB and CBKC.

3. Major lies, fibs, and fabrications alleged by NPMB:
3.1. The invention on the part of Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding (NPMB) of a document called “Letter from the Dutch”, where the theory of Procópio of the Valle (also known as the “Father of the Black fila”) would be based, which said that the Fila would have in its origins and formation a dog brought by the Dutch during the stay of Mauricio de Nassau in Brazil. Friends, since May this year I have been waiting for the Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding (NPMB) to send me a copy of the original of this letter. Whenever I quote a document, I am quick to make it available to everyone. The NPMB, on the contrary, talk nonsense after nonsense, but do not prove anything... But the only translation, not the original text, was presented to me many years ago by my dear Procópio do Valle in my office. That's right: we have always gotten along very well. We were not enemies and when we disagreed over something, it was always politely... Through me he invited CAFIB to have a special participation in his book. I have all the documents filed, but that's another subject... Procópio’s document is just a text that has never been presented in its original that only mentioned that "300 dogs will be shipped over there...” Therefore, if these 300 dogs were sent or not and where, nobody knows. Neither did it say kind of dogs these were... That is, a pseudo theory completely meaningless and so common in the writings of Procópio do Valle. Please do not be afraid and read my explanations on this matter in question number 16 of "Ask Uncle Chico No. 2 by clicking on .

For my part, I am still waiting for the kindness of NPMB (Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding) to send me a copy of the original document... It is very easy to make up documents and not to be responsible for submitting the same. Sheer irresponsibility in order to fool the gullible who do not bother to check data, nor like studying neither work this way. I present the documents. But I also demand them...

3.2. Totally despaired, the NPMB try to use as excuse the word “pardalusca”. But this word does not exist in  Portuguese, just like my two friends the president and director of the ABL (Brazilian Academy of Letters), beyond the dictionary of this same Academy.

3.3. Still in despair and disrespecting the history and the facts the NPMB had decided even without a Power of Attorney to forgive for the exclusion of the CBKC from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) in 2010, exactly as had already occurred in 1980 with the BKC with this pearl of invention: the CBKC was not excluded, but rather "resigned" from MAPA... Of course, my friends, CBKC "resigned" from all its prerogatives gracefully... What most ridiculous excuse...

3.4. In the wild search for any excuse the NPMB anticipated in 3, repeat, 3 years the election of the Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro - SP, lying in the attempt to make believe that the CAFIB had been created only as revenge to this election… The NPMB forget that the whole world knows that CAFIB was created as a reaction to illegal, predatory, and out of control mixing imposed on the Fila Breed. Details are further below in item 4.14.

4. Best Consolidation of “Worst Arguments and False Statements” issued by the Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding (also known as the "NPMB") - below in blue, immediately followed by the "Best Counter-Arguments and True Statements" issued by me - below in green

Note 1: My friends, as tiresomely NPMB tend to insist on their lies and excuses, this Consolidation definitely clarifies errors and lies repeated a thousand times, and  will also serve as a REFERENCE. Thus, when the NPMB reiterate that the election in CPFB (Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro) was in 1975 and not 1978, when returning to quote  the "Letter from the Dutch" without presenting a copy of such letter and so many other follies, we will refer only to this CONSOLIDATION without the need to return to this theme which has already been tiring and exhausted.

Note 2: Uncle Chico always answers and REACTS after the release of new pseudo-articles, half-truths, false versions, mistakes and profanity or rudeness written by NPMB who insist on defending the half-breed Filas that they have in their kennels:

4.1. Affirmation of the Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding (NPMB): what really matters is to improve the functions in the Fila...
Comment from Uncle Chico: the Fila, as well as any animal breed should be improved in order to get closer to the ideal of their Standard as a whole. "Function" is just a part of the whole. Note: it is mandatory to exclude immediately mix-breed (called by members of the CBKC as "Stocky-Fila, Basset-Fila, Mini-Fila and Toy-Fila", and also the Filas of the following types: giant, black, freak and genetic-salad) from the breeding stock of SPFB/CBKC’s breeders;

4.2. Sad affirmation of the Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding (NPMB), intending to prove the existence of the so-called “Black Fila”: Brazil is a tropical country and the predominant color found in Brazilian primates is black (!!!???)...
Comment from Uncle Chico: forgive me, but I prefer not even comment on this stupidity...;

4.3. Affirmation of the NPMB that of the Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding (NPMB) in order to justify the control and selection in clubs of Filas and filas (remember fila with small ‘f” = half-breed) on the inexistence of APR (in English =  Apt for Breeding = Fila able to get a Certificate of Approval for Breeding )...
Comment from Uncle Chico: forgive me, but this need (Apt for Breeding) is so important and obvious in the Fila Breed, precisely because this was the Breed that was more mixed in the world, with the knowledge of the FCI, that does not even require any explanation in view of this foolish notion of the NPMB, who simply wish to continue protecting their mix-breed at the detriment of so many true Filas that make up the breeding stock of SPFB-CBKC;

4.4. Affirmation of the NPMB that, persistently allege that Paulo Santos Cruz had to file a suit in the 70’s against the mix-breeders...
Comment from Uncle Chico: this insistent and lame excuse does not alter the existence of mix-breeding, as per so many testimonials from leaders, directors  and breeders from CAFIB, BKC, FCI, CBKC UNIFILA and SPFB itself, in addition to journalists and judges (see complete list in the next item 4.18). The fact that CAFIB and Paulo Santos Cruz having preferred to settle this pending issue at the clubs, show rings and kennels does not absolves the crime of mix-breeding committed and acknowledged by so many people. Just like the poisonous consequences of mix-breeding, which unfortunately persist to-date in the breeding of the Fila-CBKC, since many already call it “stocky Fila, basset Fila, mini Fila and toy Fila”...  See several official statements by CAFIB addressed to BKC and FCI denouncing mix-breeding and urging measures in question No. 10 of “Ask Uncle Chico No. 1”, by clicking on ;

4.5. Affirmation of the NPMB that a lie, when repeated a thousand times, becomes true...
Comment from Uncle Chico: I think the NPMB call their own readers stupid...;

4.6. Affirmation of the NPMB as one more attempt to make people believe that, according to Procópio do Valle, mutt Zulu – black in color – and owned by Fila breeder in MG, Frederick Chalmers, was a true Fila Brasileiro...
Comment from Uncle Chico: my dear Procópio do Valle “has forgotten” to read on the back of Zulu’s phone what had been written by Mr. Chalmers himself: “Mix-breed of several breeds”... Therefore, dog Zulu, which was the great prototype dog of the so called “black fila” fabricated by Dr. Procópio do Valle, was actually a mutt;

4.7. Affirmation of the NPMB in order to avoid comments on my proposal of organizing the Mastin Brasileiro breed, with the creation of the Varieties Giant, Standard, Small and Black…
Comment from Uncle Chico: there is the enormous fear of talking openly about a great solution for some kennels of Fila connected with CBKC. Fear, pure fear of re-evaluating their breeding stocks. How did the CAFIB breeders.

4.8. Excuse of the NPMB on the existence of one such “official dog breeding club” ( =which they pretend to be CBKC) so proclaimed by those that cannot follow the CAFIB’s Breeding Philosophy…
Comment from Uncle Chico: in the absence of arguments to validate the mix-breeds who are still in their kennels, the NPMB make up any excuse. CAFIB was recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) on 04/23/80, as published in the Official Daily Gazette of the Brazilian Union and, since 1978, has rescued and preserved the Pure Fila, analyzing it (= APR = Apt for Breeding), controlling it, selecting it, registering it and having our pedigree acknowledged as faith worth. Meanwhile BKC was excluded from MAPA in 1980 ( and CBKC was excluded in 2010 ( ). Indeed, CBKC was founded only in 1979 and only began operating in 1980. That is, almost two years after CAFIB’s foundation. And that after transferring the assets of BKC... But that's another history... So if you want to just play around and pretend that you breed the Fila Brasileiro, ok. Go ahead and be happy;

4.9. Excuse of the NPMB that CBKC “abdicated” of their rights and prerogatives next to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture…
Comment from Uncle Chico: for the second time CBKC/BKC were excluded from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. The NPMB are so conceited and arrogant that they intended to modify even the meaning of the verb "abdicate"...;

4.10. Affirmation of the NPMB that in a foolish and superficial way call CAFIB a dissident club…
Comment from Uncle Chico: they do not know the correct meaning of the word "dissident" and worse, they are too lazy to look into it in the dictionary. The world is full of remarkable dissidents. Even now thousands of them have bred the “Arab Spring” and are deposing lying and arrogant leaders who for years had kept their People under the rule of lies. Just like the NPMB. Congratulations to all those Fila Breeders of CAFIB, UNIFILA, SPFB and CBKC who are dissidents from the practice of mix-breeding!!!

4.11. Affirmation of the NPMB devaluating the fact that BKC, CBKC and FCI have never investigated a single kennel or breeder denounced by CAFIB and have never been worried to check denouncements pointed out by CAFIB; in frontal disagreement with the regulations of the FCI where, according to “By-laws of FCI” (see site of FCI in, these three clubs can only register and exhibit purebred dogs...
Comment from Uncle Chico: this is another major concern of these three clubs to admit to "mea culpa" and correct the Fila destinations in the same way they did with, in a rather civilized manner, the Akita Breed, organizing  the Japanese Akita and American Akita breeds. That is: maintaining the Fila Brasileiro Breed and organizing the Mastim Brasileirobreed…;

4.12. Excuse of the NPMB that mix-bred Filas are not crossbred, but rather only atypical dogs…
Comment from Uncle Chico: this is just another lame excuse to fool the naive breeder and still existing mix-breed stock. After all, who wants to be the breeder of atypical Fila? Or any other "atypical" animal? My friends, in fact the NPMB love their crossbred dogs more than they love the Fila Brasileiro!!! Could it be that when they sell their puppies they inform they are “atypical” Filas, and thus providing generous discounts???

4.13. Affirmation of the NPMB that no renewal is going on in the framework of CAFIB’ judges, since a 20-year old “girl” was improvised to judge the Expo de Guaratinguetá-SP in 2.010…
Comment from Uncle Chico: this "girl" is 37, is a veterinarian graduated 13 years ago, grew up next to CAFIB’s Filas that belong to her parents, who are the owners of Canil Parque do Castelo - SP and have judged CAFIB’s exhibitions quite successfully. The last was the 8th CAFIB’s Exhibition held on 10/29/11 in the town of Elche in Spain. The day before this "girl" made one of the "…best of lectures on Filas held on Iberian soil." as asserted Jaime Perez, president of CAFIBE-Spain. The theme was "The Back Train in the Fila" and the name of this judge is Mariana Campbell;

4.14. Excuse of the NPMB in an attempt to immorally change the date of the election of the “Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro”, modifying it without any decency and respect the historical truth of 1978 to 3 years earlier, that is 1975. The objective is to delude the new and ingenuous breeders of SPFB-CBKC, making them deceitfully believe that the creation of CAFIB in 1978 was only a private and selfish revenge of Paulo Santos Cruz to this Club, 3 years after this litigation…
Comment from Uncle Chico: it is proved that Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz only returned to dog-breeding in 1976. Check out the truth at So, in 1975, the "Father of the Fila" was quietly semi-retired at his home, away from show and policy dogs, caring for his wife, Aunt Antonieta, and his three hobbies: dogs, birds and watches. I and other breeders went to get him back to show dogs in 1976 so that he could lead the big salvation and redemption of the Fila Breed. The Fila world knows that CAFIB was established in 1978 as a legitimate REACTION to illegal mix-breeding and without any control over the Fila Breed.

Despite all the documentation at the time (the candidates' platforms, ballots, appeal forward by CAFIB to CPFB pointing to irregularities in this election and even the little pro-mix-breeding newspaper published by ACFIBERJ that only circulated a single edition, while that of CAFIB had 43 editions) that prove what I state the NPMB insist on the lie, trying to fraud this date in an attempt to fool the foolish. Such stubbornness!!! Such a shame!!!

Well, I do dare the chief of the NPMB: if you wish to bet I am wrong, I am fully at your disposal. I hope that this confused chief does not try to escape his responsibilities again, as he has been doing since April 2010, when he refused to review the phenotype of mix-bred dogs sent by me to Roberto Sene with copy to his e-mail.

4.15. Affirmation of the NPMB that they are killing the Fila Breed or the Fila is in extinction....
Comment from Uncle Chico:I have been hearing this unfortunate assertion since 1976, even from Eugenio Lucena, president of the then BKC and CBKC. Fortunately I think that the Fila is very strong, survived mix-breeding and mix-breeders. You see that even in SPFB and in CBKC there are several typical Filas. Especially with the support and work of CAFIB, whose dogs are increasingly being acquired by breeder members of both clubs. I hope that these breeders do not go back to falsifying pedigrees such as the way it was done in the past, omitting from their records the true names of CAFIB-Filas. No, the Fila is not dying. But if you define your own dogs as being of the "stocky-Fila, basset-Fila, mini-Fila and toy-Fila"... be careful;

4.16. Affirmation of the NPMB that there is no one to blame in mix-breeding…
Comment from Uncle Chico: there are guilty parties, all right. Let us see: (I) - the first mix-breeders;(ii) the BKC and then CBKC-FCI, who did not bother to monitor and control the issuance of pedigree, in spite of charging for this flawed notary service and, finally, (iii) the current breeders who continue to breed mix-breeds, keeping them in their kennels, because they do not wish to stay away from the breeding of the mix-breeds they have. Even in spite of item 2 above (Improvement of Photos on Facebook); 

4.17. Affirmation of the NPMB: it is strictly prohibited to comment, even more on our Facebook, (i) the intelligent and timely alternative presented by Uncle Chico on the organization of the Mastim Brasileiro breed, similar to the attitude adopted by the FCI at the time of the organization of two breeds based on the Akita: the Japanese Akita and the American Akita (ii) the enlightening testimony of Dr. Enio Monte stating that in the 70` he crossed pure Filas with the English Mastiff owned by João Batista Gomes (former president of the Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro, which preceded the SPFB)  because he believed that he would actually be improving the Fila, as he did with huge success in the breeding of the Brazilian Jumping Horse; (iii) publication in CBKC’s Newsletter no. 38 of the magisterial article by Paulo Godinho on cross-breeding, among other historical facts; (iv) renouncement of Jaime Pérez from FCI preferring CAFIB, and (v) Paulo Godinho’s proposal to breed the Black Fila breed, published on Facebook “FB Selection with Responsibility”.( )...
Comment from Uncle Chico: pure fear. The old policy of trying to hide the dirt under the rug. After all, when will it be that the breeders of Fila from SPFB CBKC will be freed from the NPMB and the terrible delay and "Knowledge Blackout" they stand for?

4.18. Affirmation of the NPMB: No, there has never been mix-breeding of the Fila Breed! Let us sue these slanderers!!!
Comment from Uncle Chico: I would just like to remind you that among so many others, the founders, directors and breeders of CAFIB, Paulo Santos Cruz, Airton Campbell, Luis Maciel, Américo Cardoso, Fernando Zanetti, Sebastião Monteiro (in memoriam), José Souto Maior Borges, Jonas Tadeu Iacovantuono, Caico Amaral, Antônio Silva Lima, Tênisson Cavalcante, Joaquim Liberato Barroso, Pedro Borotti, Ivan Roussef, Luciano Gavião, Cintia e Gerson Junqueira de Barros and, also, Antônio Carlos Linhares Borges (breeder and writer of Unifila); Eugenio Lucena (former president of the BKC and CBKC); Chris Habig (current VP of FCI);  Paulo Godinho (Journalist and Judge at CBKC); Antônio Carvalho Mendes (former journalist); Enio Monte and Procópio do Valle (former breeders of BKC and CBKC); Jaime Perez, Jan Kubesa, Ines Van Damme, Ligia Morris, Elio Quiros, Linda Maggio, Aliberti Aniello, Katrina Waldrip (breeders of CAFIB abroad) and even Roberto Sene and Harrison Pinho (breeders and heads of SPFB and Advisors of CBKC) recognized mixbreeding, whose undesirable fruits have damaged our breeding to these days. But if the NPMB think that all the above witnesses are just slandering, okay. Then let us resort to Justice. But beware of the "Litigation in Bad Faith”…  And the abuse of the right to demand against so many and important Witnesses. After all, the world is round...

4.19. Affirmation of the NPMB on the irrefutable existence of mix-breeding, as if there were no consequence whatsoever and legacy to the current days, of the type: ah, but that was many years ago...
Comment from Uncle Chico: the NPMB put themselves as if they had never practiced mix-breeding. However, by not excluding the mix-breeds from their breeding stock through APR or out of their own free will, as I did back in 1977 (see  ) even before the foundation of CAFIB, they have become the so-called "Heirs to Mix-Breeding”, who help multiply and disseminate.

4.20. Affirmation of the NPMB using as an excuse the word “pardalusca”...
Comment from Uncle Chico: such despair, such arrogance and lack of respect on the part of the NPMB toward their readers. There is no such Word as “pardalusca” in Portuguese. See item 3.2 above.

4.21. Affirmation of the NPMB: the photos presented by Uncle Chico as being those of CBKC-FCI’s mix-breeds prove nothing, because he did not present the names of the dogs, numbers of the pedigrees and name of the owners...
Comment from Uncle Chico: another desperate excuse, since there is no need for these data, because the photos show mix-breeds being awarded at Expos of the very CBKC-FCI (see );

4.22. Affirmation of the NPMB: Uncle Chico has never given a feasible suggestion for the solution of the problems in the Fila Breed...
Comment from Uncle Chico: He who says one of these is foolishness is a chutzpah, lazy and hates reading. Or just a liar. And, worse, he thinks he will go unpunished as it happens with Brazilian politicians in Brasilia. Besides Uncle Chico has always tried a great union of breeders around the true Fila, thereby remaining the large number of Filas from CAFIB, Unifila and of SPFB-CBKC always going out of my way to disclose and warn of the dangers of mix-breeding and its evils making the NPMB’s lives more difficult. In addition to hundreds of documents and photos published in the launch of my website in 2009 , there are almost 80 new articles posted on my site since May/2009 giving valid alternatives. But, I repeat, that do not encompass the salvation of the mix-breeds bred by the NPMB.

You see, Uncle Chico has YES showed the way to this solution:
(i) the organizing the Mastim Brasileiro breed just like it occurred with the Akita and that was sponsored by the same FCI that the NPMB so worship and fear ( );

- (ii) I have even suggested the organization of the Black Variety, where the dogs of this color would breed only between themselves ( and also item 6.4 of my article (;

- (iii) Uncle Chico Informs no. 4 analyzes which major defects and qualities found today in the CBKC-FCI's Fila, as per excerpts highlighted on the Facebook of SPFB (;

- (iv) I have presented once again how to perform the CAFIB Phenotype and Temperament Analysis of which has been since 1978 the APR (= Apt for Breeding  = certificate of approval for breeding ) that the SPFB does not have and is the master pillar of CAFIB’s selection ( ).

I keep begging the SPFB to introduce a serious and effective APR, starting with the dogs of their leaders who must serve as an example. These leaders say they agree, but not implement it, nor do they take any representations regarding deadline, postponing the APR always for "tomorrow". Just like the Brazilian politicians in Brasilia... In addition, all it is needed is to get rid of the laziness and browse through my website in a disarmed and intelligent way. There they will find many suggestions in order to preserve the real Fila. ( Note after receiving information from the institution of the APR: I think unfortunately that this will occur only in dogs born from Jan, 2011 and not the entire CBKC Fila and fila stock ( always remember: fila with small “f” = mestizo). So we look forward to such Regulations).

4.23. Affirmation of the NPMB: Uncle Chico does not inform the name of the breeders and of the kennels that have begun bred-crossing...
Comment from Uncle Chico: One more lazy and careless lack of reading. See my Open Letter from London dated 1978 - I repeat: 1978, 33 years ago - that was sent to all breeders and clubs, including BKC and FCI by clicking on where one will find all the names of breeders, dogs and kennels and even a photo of João Batista Gomes, former President of the
Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro, which preceded the SPFB,  with his English Mastiff !!!

The same English Mastiff that recently Dr. Enio Monte claimed having used to breed with pure females Filas, since he was under the impression that this would be good for the Fila (see ), as he had done successfully in his horse breeding;

See this English Mastiff by clicking on

Also see on the letter from KCP (Kennel Club Paulista) attesting to this property.

Important: João Batista Gomes was president of the Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro (CBFB), the same club that, as informed by Virgilio Orsi on SPFB’s website: "The SPFB has joined the CBKC as a successor to replace the old Clube Paulista do Fila Brasileiro, inheriting their rights and obligations to CBKC/FCI”... So, unfortunately, the English Mastiff belonged to Mr. Gomes used by Mr. Monte is in the very origin of the CPFB and therefore the origin of SPFB. Whether Virgilio Orsi admits it or not.  Whether Virgilio Orsi denies or not. What do the NPMB want the most? Appeal to Justice?

I suggest also to visit the journal of CAFIB "O FILA" No. 12 (Nov-79) which presented a list of mix-breeds 32 years ago!!! (

4.24. Affirmation of the NPMB: But why is it that CAFIB does not stop growing with so many expositions in Brazil and abroad, new breeders, more than 5,000 Analyses (APR) and many sites of pure Filas?
Comment from Uncle Chico: very simple, because we are on the side of the Truth and of the Pure Fila. Because we have been fighting against mix-breeding and the powerful trio BKC-CBKC-FCI since the beginning and that the NPMB both venerate and worship;

4.25. Affirmation of the NPMB: We are not mix-breeders, we have never crossed Fila with an English Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastin or Black Danish (German Dog)…
Comment from Uncle Chico: one more excuse of the NPMB, trying to confuse the breeders, since they pretend not to know what has been written and tested for over three decades: Those who acquired mix-breeds and are still breeding them are, willing or not, helping to perpetuate mix-breeding of the Fila Breed. And there is no use complaining about CAFIB, Paulo Santos Cruz and Uncle Chico. They should complain to those who are truly responsible for the great mix-breeding that has befallen upon the Fila Breed. Where and with whom to complain is a very simple attitude: See Item 4.16 above.

4.26. Affirmation of NPMB: The "black fila" is pure Fila!
Comment from Uncle Chico: would you please leave and forget this absurd tragedy forever. Pls study the links on my site . As Paul Godinho says, "Nothing is more MESTIZO than black-fila".

In conclusion to this item 4:
After this Consolidation and summarized reading, you will be able to differentiate who invents pseudo-facts, tries to defend the mix-breeds and manipulate you; who confirms the truth since 1976 ( You may also notice that I come only exposing lying texts that were published on websites, Forums and Facebook before my own. I think that today, after due explanations on my part, even my dear Roberto Sene is convinced I do not attack, I only REACT to the nonsense and lies published thoughtlessly by the NPMB.

For my part, as I said earlier, Uncle Chico does not consider that he has any enemy in the Fila environment, but rather some opponents of ideas, thoughts and Breeding Philosophy. As I say, I take nothing too personally. Too bad this minority formed by the NPMB, due to constant lack of real arguments and documentation, appeal to the rude, low-key, lack of education and detracting adjectives like the pejorative nickname "cafibento" and "pinocchio" or worse, when writing things that blemish CAFIB by claiming it is a “clandestine club and that “clandestinity is a step toward criminality”. Let us agree that: calling a member of CAFIB of “criminal" gets to be a big, fat stupidity. Or, when they call CAFIB breeders as "diablos" (i.e., devil) and when, childishly, they try to threaten me abroad saying that they will attack me: "I will slap your face over and over again; just you wait and see” and “I will come to your country and will kick your ass, you motherfucker." To me, this is zero. Know that I was threatened with death by a cross-breeder after the release of my Open Letter from London, dated 08/03/78  ( ). Do you know what this citizen had the "great courage" to do? Have people throw stones at dawn at my 3 dogs who were trapped in the kennel of the house I was building in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio. What cowardice!!!

Too bad that those so-called Fila breeders make use of these tricks to try to intimidate me. Well, know that it will not do any good lowering the level of discussion that I consider a very serious: the preservation of our Fila Brasileiro and his defense is part of the ecology of my country. I flatly refuse to be part of this fouling.

I will always be open to differing opinions from mine, since they are based on relevant facts and keep away from lies. Those who have contacted me since the launch of my website, most of the times in a confidential way, were met with politeness, respect and always enlightened. This exchange of information is that serves as the basis for the "Ask Uncle Chico" and "Uncle Chico Informs".

I will keep on writing, always answering the lies that are published previously on the web by the NPMB and proving and documenting that in which I believe. Also, respecting all those who think differently from me, but not appealing shamelessly to lies.

5. Worst Moment:
Undoubtedly, the retrograde "Knowledge Blackout" in which are kept not only the NPMB but also some of the breeders who are not interested in studying the True Story of the Fila Brasileiro. These are people who are too lazy to study and keep repeating only outdated fabrications and lies despite they have already been exposed. To these, I wish they be not afraid of contradiction, of argument with true content. Search and question. CAFIB is available to you all.

6. Best 2011 Sentences:
6.1. From Uncle Chico: "To paraphrase my late friend, the ambassador, an economist and former Brazilian finance minister Roberto Campos, who said while defending democracy in the 50’s and 60’s even during the existence of the Berlin Wall: ---"I have never seen a West German try to flee to East Germany” - I assert: "I have never seen a CAFIB breeder buy a Fila from SPFB, but I've seen several breeders from the SPFB buy Filas from CAFIB".

6.2. From the NPMB: "To err is human, to blame CAFIB is strategic..."

6.3. From Evo Morales, president of Bolivia: "Above the law is the politician. I do the same with the law-makers who tell me that it is illegal. Then I tell the lawyers: if it is illegal, make it legal." It is not a statement from the Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding (NPMB), but could very well be, as it is with this indifference and arrogance that the NPMB change the history: lying and reinventing at their pleasure the history of the File.

6.4. From Uncle Chico: "Every breeder who owns real Filas - and these are by far the most in SPFB CBKC - can have his Fila approved and become a member of CAFIB."

6.5. From Airton Campbell: "The solution of all questions existing in the Fila Breed via the organization of the Mastim Brasileiro breed is excellent. Chico Peltier should be applauded, recognized and honored as the Father of the Brazilian Mastiff."

6.6. From Uncle Chico adapting A. Stevenson: "If my opponents stop telling lies about the Fila, I will stop telling the truth about them."

6.7. From Roberto Sene: "... I have always put myself in a peacemaker position and have never fed contents or controversies”.

6.8. According to Caico Amaral, former president of CAFIB, inthe book “A Evolução do Cavalo dos Junqueiras, by Eduardo Junqueira: "If there is not more rigor and insight, the breeders of Mangalarga (a Brazilian Horse)  will end up in the drama of the Fila Brasileiro, about which Lara Campos says: “-… turns into a simple exposition dog, where the main characteristic is mix-breeding.”

6.9. From Sergio de Castro, president of CBKC: "Authorize", referring to the masterful Paulo Godinho article titled "Fila: History and Evolution" published in Newsletter nº 38 of this club.

7. Best Proposal: No doubt the suggestion of creating the Breed Mastim Brasileiro by Uncle Chico and the Breed Black-fila by Paul Godinho..

8. Biggest saudade:
I miss Ines Van Damme, who provided great services to the Fila Breed not only as a breeder but also as a writer and responsible for a great site that unfortunately has been out of sight lately… Kisses, my dear Ines...

9. Greater cowardice:
The chief of the NPMB never had the guts to send me an email directly to my email address. Ever. He writes his lame texts, but he tries to keep them away from me. I know of his attacks, despicable behavior and poor excuses through friends. I think he writes already fearing my overwhelming responses and comments... That is why he avoids having me know, unlike me, who sends all my papers and answers directly to his email. After all, what is it to be expected from someone who acts in such a cowardly way?

10. In closing:
If leaders of the SPFB and Councilors of the Conselho Brasileiro da Fila Breed Brasileiro (CBRFB) with the CBKC really want these "fights" as they call them - I call the "clarifications" especially because I do not resort to despicable behavior – come to an end, it is very simple. Just follow what Roberto Sene requested, who I am quite fond of, whom I congratulated by email duly authorized and on behalf of the board of CAFIB congratulating him on being the youngest Advisor of CBKC and even putting CAFIB at the disposal of this new Council in e-mails dated Jun/11.

Why? Because Roberto Sene on his Facebook has published several notes always opposing himself to disagreements and in email to me dated 10/27/11, he wrote: "... I have always put myself in a peacemaker position and have never fed contents or controversies”. In fact, on his Facebook on 10/27/11, our Roberto posted a very interesting text entitled "Let's calm down". I suggest you read it, especially the Managers of SPFB and Advisors of CBKC…

But, you see, my friends, if SPFB’s and CBRFB'S own members and directors do not meet and comply with the request of our dear Roberto Sene, why would Uncle Chico be obliged not to REACT in view of much nonsense and lies posted as those listed in item 4 above? I repeat: I only REACT to the lies posted by the NPMB (Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding) before me and who have not got used to the fact that since the launch of my site in May/09 I have been on the alert and crack the whip over them… And always unmasking them.

I hope that in 2012 breeders, leaders, thinkers, historians, advisers and judges of all Fila clubs, and especially the NPMB understand that it is important to preserve the Fila Brasileiro as we inherited from Mother Nature and make a great union around it aiming solely at this objective. Roberto Sene is right: let's calm down!!!  After all, we have exposed all the True History of the Fila; it is no longer worth for the NPMB to keep on fabricating and reinventing new and lame excuses. Fila is Fila. Mix-bred, with or without pedigree, is cross-bred. Recalling that the SPFB-CBKC has a huge breeding stock of Pure Filas that would be easily approved by Standard CAFIB in our Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament. Let's then work toward racial purity of the File with these numerous specimens.

In 2012 we will immediately delete all the mix-breeds from this breeding stock and preserve the racial purity of the Fila: this should be our major goal. After all, we are here just in passing. And the Fila is not.

Should that be the case, let us go together to CBKC in order to organize once and for all the  Mastim Brasileiro Breed (   ) where the dogs that would not fit into the phenotype of the True Fila would be transferred, causing no damaged to CBKC-FCI, using the “Disqualifying Faults” included in and even creating the “Black Fila Breed”, as proposed by the great journalist and judge All Rounder of CBKC itself, Paulo Godinho (see in and as commented by me in item 6.4 of link and also in

The Fila Brasileiro deserves our effort, organization and dedication. I believe that CBKC, in the person of its president Sergio Castro, will be moved by our joint solution suggestion. After all, at least three directors of the Board of SPFB are advisors of the Conselho Brasileiro da Fila Breed Brasileiro of the very CBKC!!!

Enough of these NPMB that caused a retrograde "Knowledge Blackout" in the Fila Breed!!! It is to no avail that the NPMB keep on handling the existence of mix-breeding in the Fila Brasileiro Breed and its disastrous consequences with passion and arrogance. We must deal with this subject with insight, intelligence, focus and truth. Fila deserves it

I wish you all - including the Neo-Pro-Mix-Breeding (NPMB) --- a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Praying for an increasingly pure Fila.

Chico Peltier.

Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro
Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro