Fila Brasileiro, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro, Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro
Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro
Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro

Introdution in English
Introduction by Francisco Peltier – Dec, 2008

In the  Portuguese  language  we  may  not find the exact translation  for the English word  “serendipity”.    Maybe the  best  one might be  “happy coincidence”. That is, it  refers to the fortunate possibility of finding interesting  and valuable things by  chance,   things  that  we  had not   been  looking  for.   This is therefore, how  I  define  my meeting with the Fila Brasileiro…. 

My most sincere and profound sympathy to all the persons of CAFIB, mainly to the board of directors and above all to my dear Airton Campbell, Américo Cardoso, Luiz Antônio Maciel and Fernando Zanetti Coelli. Without the restless work of CAFIB, direct, guided and performed by them, I would not have been able to accomplish one of my dreams: prevent from extinction, recovering, improving and making the dog Fila Brasileiro last forever just as we have inherited from Mother Nature. Also thanks to my dear and admired friend Paulo Santos Cruz who guided and introduced me to the true Fila Brasileiro. Thanks to Paulo Roberto Godinho and Antônio Carvalho Mendes as well who had the courage to initially spread our alert, later our ing philosophy and our work in favor of Fila Brasileiro. I also thank Paulo Godinho for being this living encyclopedia, with his fantastic memory, which I have consulted during the development of this work of mine. A special thanks to the two AC’s of CAFIB: Airton, for being for years my bridge to CAFIB and my telephone contact, putting up with me as a real confident, mainly after Paulo Santos Cruz passed away and, still to Américo who with his profound knowledge of the Portuguese language helped me revise the following texts: my Open Letter from London, Comments about CAFIB, Comments about CAFIBRA Kennel and in this INTRODUCTION. At last, I thank Leandro Brum, owner of New Commerce Brazil, who with great professional skill created this site.

It is only to make available, to whom it may concern, a major part of the documents which I hold, telling the history of Fila Brasileiro principally through the saga of CAFIB, based on books, newspapers, magazines, articles, letters,  e-mails and pictures of my own file. By clicking on each link and then on each document, the idea is to make you feel as if you were in my office leafing through my files.


My friend, it might be that this happy and casual history of mine with Fila Brasileiro has started in the 40’s when my father who had shortly become a widow, used to put my brothers Paulinho and Carmen Sylvia to sleep, each one in his own crib, always having, alert and taking care of them, a Police dog (a type of German Sheppard).

My father always liked dogs, mainly the above mentioned Police dog, as we use to call in Brazil, which in truth was nothing more than a luxury mongrel. He has never bred any animal. The business of the Peltier de Queiroz family was to have a Cocoa production. My grandfather was a cocoa farmer. My father, as well as my uncles, followed the family tradition. He set the farm Santa Luzia in the county of Camacã, in the South of Ilhéus-Bahia, dying at the age of 76 years old planting Cocoa. My father was also a civil engineer but in reality he was a true farmer; planting from Cocoa to Almonds on the sidewalk of our house in Leblon, in the city of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.  Early in the 70’s, he bought a country house in Sepetiba in the Eastern part of Rio, and decided to plant 1,000 trees of each of these species: sweet, “seleta” and “bahia” oranges, “espada” mango, custard apple, coconut, pineapple, peanuts, corn… daren’t ask me why! I just know that whatever he decided to plant had to be one thousand… For a good many years I was the only one in the family to know where this country house really was. He used to wake me up at 5 AM every Saturday, no matter what I had done on the night before neither where I had gone, and driving was my duty since the driver did not work on Saturdays.
I think I took after him when it concerns dogs. I have always liked them. All sorts of dogs and they have also liked me. Just look on the first page of the link Photos. I have always had a crush also on dogs with no defined , i.e., mongrels – even before the Obamamania…  When our country home was almost completely ready, my father came to me and said: “Chico, go and buy a couple of “Policial” (a German Sheppard type dog, very common in Brazil) to look after the little farm called Sítio São José.” Alright, my friends, but the thing is that I have always been more fond of dogs with short fur and rectangular head, probably memories from the Boxers my brother and I had in our summer house in the city of Petrópolis, located in the mountains near Rio de Janeiro. That meant, the police dog that my father liked was far from my ideal dog and plans. Then a long, tiring negotiation with the smart and experienced Paulo Peltier de Queiroz started, finally won by me, because he probably got tired… Then I was assigned by my father to buy a couple of any dogs. I remember well that after I had visited several kennels of retrievers, I almost bought a light one from a couple of Americans who worked at IBM in Rio and lived on Avenida Atlântica. I indeed tended to buy a dog from this when in 1974, probably in May, on a rainy Sunday, I opened the newspaper, Jornal do Brasil, and I read an ad about a litter of Fila Brasileiro in Jacarepaguá, Rio.

Well, as it was not a good day to enjoy the beach, neither there would be a FLA X FLU (Flamengo x Fluminense Football Club) soccer match at the Maracanã Stadium, after lunch I decided to check this Fila Brasileiro litter, which I had no idea. I just knew it was a large courageous dog. It was with that much rubbish information that I, incomplete 24 years old, got off my Volkswagen beetle to Pampas Kennel, owned by Cláudio João Fontes, and located at 11,742, Bandeirantes Road, in Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro. He was a nice guy, easy with the words and later on I could also testify that he was a hell of a good salesman…. Before we arrived at the site of his kennel, which was placed in an old chicken farm not well adapted for it, to see the Filas, I could hear in the distance loud barking and growling. Eagerly I went on walking with Claudio through the lawn, surrounded by mango and jackfruit trees, when a huge Fila appeared totally loosen and I have no idea from where. And to make it worse, it was growling at me.

It happened so fast that I did not have time to be afraid. It was a beautiful, huge, fawn female, with temperament but, thanks God, very obedient, called Braúna da Soledade or for short, just Belona. Claúdio quickly controlled her and then I could much more relaxed and calmer, admire the most beautiful dogs I had seen in my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!! A true goddess… with the special license from Vera Fischer (Brazilian actress) ….

So my friends, my contact with Filas was love at first sight or as described by Cassimiro de Abreu in a poem called “What is sympathy?” where in the end of it he, himself answers: “Sympathy is almost love”. As a matter of fact, these words became the name of one of the fanciest Carnival Group in the Southern part of the city of Rio de Janeiro… So, as our “gringo” friends would say: this was my “happy coincidence” with the Fila...

After being scared and immediately hit by Cupid, caused by the unexpected appearance of goddess “Belona”, we kept on walking and finally reached the kennel where I met several puppies, all from Belona. She had been mated to a male, Bororó do ABC who, according to Claúdio, was an outstanding male from São Paulo. He also said that the litter had been born on January 7th, 1974 and that he was going to keep a male for himself, another would be given to a friend, who had organized the mating since he knew the owner of the ABC Kennel, and that the others were also all sold.

He went on saying that he would keep all females for himself for his ing program since that was an exceptional, well awaited and planned litter. He showed a poster of Bororó and later sold it to me, which I keep until today. We talked a lot in our first meeting. I told that I had a little farm in Sepetiba and that I wanted to buy at least 2 or 3 dogs for guarding the place, and who knows, maybe later set a kennel myself. I ended up meeting his wife, 4 or 5 kids. The whole family was welcoming and especially friendly, as good gaúchos as they were. Claúdio was a nice chat and we got along immediately. He had also been a photographer and piano player in clubs and night clubs. His wife was called Erika and I well remember that his children did sing well. The whole family was nice and fun.

Making a long story short, I do not remember exactly when, but not long, after insisting a lot, I bought a female from this litter called Charrua dos Pampas that I gave a family name of Zorra. I also compromised myself to buying at least two more puppies from litters that were to be born. As my dog house would take about 4 more months to be ready I managed convincing him to keep them for a while longer and I would pay a month fee. Some time later, Dumas dos Pampas was born, a “gray” puppy as I was longing for, son of Araribóia – that at the time I considered as top-fila (see link of Photos, doc 18.10) with Apantera  Negra da Soledade. Months later, the gamy Ebasa dos Pampas, daughter of Araribóia with Braúna was born. And it was with these three dogs, very much ined and a “silver” one that Chico, i.e., I, started my kennel without no technical advice and knowledge at all about Fila. Besides, as you can read in the link Cafibra Kennel, my dear Zorra was prognathic … Good salesman that Claúdio…

As the construction in Sitio São Jose, not only of the house but of the kennel as well was delaying, 3 or 4 times a week I visited the Fontes family in order to stay with Zorra and follow up the development of my two other little Filas. As she was already about 5 months old, when I arrived they immediately let her out of the kennel and I enjoyed myself with her, who already felt as ZORRA and liked me very much, for my joy and jealousy of her litter sisters...

But the problem was Braúna, that is Belona, who used to live completely loose in that huge chicken farm. This marked her for ever once she was locked in the kennel as soon as I arrive. That was bad but later on for the good.

A month had already passed, and with my frequent visits no one of the Fontes family wanted to lock her when I was around. So that, Claúdio, agreed with me that one Saturday he would not, with patience and discipline, lock her up and so that she would start getting used to me. This exercise lasted a few weeks until she understood I was a friend of the family, and despite her “ogeriza” she would not need to attack me. At the end she could see that I offered no harm and that I got alone pretty well with her daughter. At the end of this training, she already accepted me, that is, she did not attack me anymore, but it did not mean she liked this intruder. It was from that moment onwards that I started to understand the so called “ogeriza”.

What happened was exactly the following. I arrived at the Fontes, bumped the horn and one of the family members came out to receive me. They let Zorra out and she followed me to the house. As I had said before, Belona did not attack me anymore and somehow she felt obliged to accept and like me. That was her understanding about this relationship and that was it. Say, if I arrived at the living room to chat with Claudio and she was there, she would lift her head towards me and give a deep growl. If I kept there longer, she would stand up patiently and go to another room of the house. As time went by, I, who was in love with her, started to feel more confident. So I used to stand up and go to toward the place where she was. The scene was always the same, she lifted up her head, growled and if I stayed, she would stand up and go somewhere else. I, a young lad, repeated these procedure many times at every visit I paid to the house and the poor Brauna kept moving from a room to the other to get rid of this annoying person… After a few weeks she stopped growling at me and moving away from me but she entirely ignored me. It was as I did not exist. And this was how is went on in a positive way. Our relationship was always forward, each time becoming more intimate. I went on gaining her respect, little by little, so that, one day, with Claudio’s help I could caress her. Glory! A little longer I was giving her that scratch behind the ears that Filas like so much... But the final conquer happened in a week day, at night when I went to visit them after my work. I got my car into his country home patio and turned off the engine. I went towards the house as I used to do. It should be a walk of about 55 yards. Well, when I was half way between I had a blow up as if an electric capacitor had exploded and then the electricity went off and everything was dark. I could not see an inch ahead of me. I froze. I wonder where Belona would be. Would she recognize me? I did not know what to do: should I try to get back to the car or reach the house? I stood still for a while trying to adapt my eye as I could not see a thing. Well, my friends, it was just at this moment of terror that a felt a cold nose smelling my leg and that strong tail wigging happily with my arrival. Finally… to her I belonged to the “family”.

My friends, this is the temperament of a Fila in the city. Hate towards strangers? Yes, no doubt about it.  A Fila is supposed to attack and indeed it does. I believe there is no better guard dog. It is in its personality and it is innate. There is no need to be trained. On one side it is ferocious, aggressive and dislikes strangers. On the other hand, it is calm, independent, self confident, intelligent, knowing how to recognize not only the owner’s family but their friends as well. That is, the “family dog” itself.

Claudio was a nice guy, but before anything he was a salesman. He used to sell lots of Filas and filas (fila with a minuscule “f” =bastards) but also, dog food, chicken, dishes and leads. Later, he also told me that he started to Filas by coincidence and that it turned out to be a good and profitable business. I do not how recall he got Belona, daughter of Bacurau and Caneca, but I do remember that Arariboia and Apantera (the mother of my male Dumas) had been bought from a plane pilot whose name was something like Almiro Gastalho, perhaps   from Soledade Kennel. This person had bought these dogs from a kennel in São Paulo and months later resold to him. I took part, towards the end of 1977, of the BKC event and several meetings and shows  but I have never encountered that citizen.

Years later, when mix ing started to be talked about in a less reserved way, Cláudio told me that Araribóia and Apantera had been bought from a Road Police from São Paulo who had many Filas and a couple of Neapolitan Mastin. So he told me that Araribóia as a mongrel half blood with Neapolitan Mastin. As far as Apantera was concerned, no one really knew, but the fact is that she was never a real sister of Belona, as her BKC pedigree said. Much later, while getting more knowledge principally from my long phone talks to Paulo Santos Cruz, I could notice that the differences were so great that I could reach the conclusion that Belona was an excellent Fila and Apantera a terrible Neapolitan Mastiff... We could well think that Mr. Gastalho had bought these dogs in good faith from São Paulo, thinking they were Filas and after suspecting their phenotype passed them to Claudio.

The fact was that Araribóia was huge, nice looking and a great success among the new Fila ers as it happened to me, besides Cláudio was an amazing machine to sell dogs, having between 1975/76, 3 to 4 litters to sell every month. As the years went by, he kept the number of litter going up. Therefore knowing the beginning of the Kennel Pampas, I must recognize that Claudio was also a victim of the mix ers and the ones who made false pedigrees even before me. The major difference was that Claudio kept on selling Filas and filas (bastards), as if they were pure and I discontinued my kennel and ing practice. (See link: Cafibra kennel).

There sure are other “cláudios”. So that in 1975 BKC registered around 1000 Filas; but, note: in the following year the number reached 1500. In 1977 it was well over 3000 registrations which led to more than 8000 in 1982. From 1977 to 1982 Fila Brasileiro was the that had more registrations in BKC being in second up to 1985. From that year onwards the number decreased but kept among the 10 s with more registration until 1996.

Curiously, a large amount of these dogs, instead of registered and having the pedigree of Filas, issued by BKC, simply were not “Filas”... Yes, indeed, they were mongrels, victims of illegal and not controlled ing, performed by unscrupulous and unprincipled ers which mixed the pure Fila with Old English Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastin and later with black Great Danes, as can be proved by several documents selected by me and posted in this site. I shall never know the actual reasons which led BKC, especially during the presidency of Oscar Miranda and principally Eugenio Henrique Pereira de Lucena, despite many accusations, refused to take any action contrary to this harmful act done against the Fila Brasileiro, which almost led our Brazilian to extinction. Note that they have never even tried to find something out or event to pay a simple visit to the kennels denounced by us.

In spite of all efforts and great evidences, a single pedigree was never cancelled. Never a mix–er was punished. On the contrary, judges, founders, ers, people who cooped with their ideas of Cafib were picked on and I myself was considered a “persona non grata”... How foolish. These happenings, my friend, are unfortunately demonstrated in many documents in this site. This title which I have received of “persona non grata” is much more worth to me than Pedro Ernesto decoration medal from the City of Rio de Janeiro.

Therefore, I am obliged to state that up to today I feel rather sad for the mediocrity and blindness which were so clear at BKC. Good Lord, what a stubborn! So dam! It was an unbelievable option taken by BKC in those years, they totally omitted action. This coward attitude of BKC is extremely well shown in the cover of the Newspaper   “ O Fila” #8 of CAFIB, from July/79, where one can see the board of  BKC stand by the s created by it rulers in the body of an oyster, with their heads buried on the ground. One more of the great creation of our journalist and founder of CAFIB, Luiz Antônio Maciel. Indeed worth of a Pasquim newspaper covers... (Pasquim = old Brazilian newspaper created during the Military Regime). Please see CAFIB-Brasil link, doc 1.2b.

It would have been so easy for the board of BKC to have taken the appropriated attitudes, as says the journalist Paulo Roberto Godinho in a especial e-mail written for this site on Oct, 19th.2008 (see link Documents from 1984 up to …, doc 11.22a) where one can read that CAFIB did “… what BKC should have done and did not”. As always our dear Godinho goes to the heart of the point…

Unfortunately, do check it well: no responsible measure was taken by BKC to protect the Fila as a , which is their main obligation, once it had been named responsible to it by the Brazilian Agriculture Department, and the international support of FCI and also based on the Brazilian laws which considers a crime and establishes punishments for producing false documents. But the stupidity was so great that BKC took no attitude to protect its greatest assets, which is the Fila Brasileiro, once produced the largest number of registrations and a lot of profit.

Friends, admires of all s, leaving apart the necessary bases to maintain an honest stud book which is due to the kennels of each country, setting apart the responsibilities that all ers must have, forgetting the responsibility that BKC must have towards Brazilian s, being Fila Brasileiro at the time the only Brazilian , we ought to have a final conclusion in administrative, commercial and financial terms which any street seller can teach us: we  never disregard the clients, we preserve them.

That is, BKC at that time did not realize that:
1 - It dirtied its own stud book, opening its books to the ones who falsified,
2 - It suffocated the best client of BKC ignoring the quality of the dogs registered.

As a result of the omission and mess performed by some of the rulers of BKC, the interest in our Fila Brasileiro only decreased, and to top it all in an announced tragic comedy act, two sad facts, worth of the Groucho Brothers, happened:

                   - When I took Christopher Habig (famous German judge and member of  Club Fur Molosser) to Mr. Lucena’s flat, in Barra da Tijuca, to have a long afternoon talk, he, at our request, at the end of our encounter, wrote from his own hand and after typed it, an OPEN LETTER, dated of Aug, 12th.1983 to the German Moloser Magazin, where he finally recognizes the mixing of other s to Fila Brasileiro. This data can be found in the link Documents from 1980 to 1983, doc 10.14;

             -  BKC, in desperately trying to take from CAFIB the legal right received from the Brazilian Agriculture Department (Official Gazette – Jan, 23. 1980 – Proc, MA- 01/328/80 – see doc 13.1 in the link O CAFIB and MA) the national registration, utilized such a powerful lobby to the Military Government that ended up also losing the control and registration of all pedigrees. This control, given in Brazil by the Brazilian Agriculture Department and abroad by agreements with FCI, was then set free. Therefore, from then on any club had the right to register any in Brazil. So BKC, before the only club that could register dogs in Brazil, renounced to this right to all the other s as well (see again link O CAFIB and the Agriculture Department) and all these happened trying to forbid CAFIB to keep control and registration for Filas.

Sorry, but blood hell, so stupid!!!!

At last, there are some who say that Mr. Lucena was a tyrant and that did not listen to anyone. Therefore, BKC influent  ers and managers of that time, such as Carmen Matte, Lago Neto, Yati Lessa, Syvia Camacho, Bonfrancesco Vinci, simply were not given attention by Mr. Lucena, the current BKC president. I am sorry, what a pity, but this one more prove of their stupidity and stubborn.

JACOB AND ANDREA BLUMEN, Corumaú Kennel - Rio – RJ
In the item mentioned before, called “HAPPY COINCIDENCE”, I have mentioned that Claúdio Fontes had told me that he was going to keep for himself a male from the liter Braúna da Soledade (Belona) X Bororó do ABC, but another was reserved to be given to a friend of his, as a payment for arranging this mating, once he knew Mr. Ênio Monte, the owner of ABC kennel from São Paulo. The name of this friend was Jacob Blumen.

I have never known how they got to know each other, but both told me the same story concerning this ing and the choice of a male. The truth is that Jacob knew much more than Claudio about dogs. So far so good, but the fact is that Claudio, himself, knew and was aware about his limitations. On the set day for the pick out, Jacob chose  a  male called Comanche dos Pampas, no doubt the best in that litter, which was wonderful, much better than average ones. Well, after the choice was made, Claudio backed up and said that he, Claudio, had to have the first choice, as agreed before in his version, and Jacob the second. Then, Claudio knowing the choice of Jacob, just picked out the dog Jacob had already pointed. As they reached no agreement, Jacob had the second choice which was Cacique dos Pampas, later known as Trinity, which became a super champion. Obviously the relation between them was never the same again.

But then, what’s the importance for this site the choice of this puppy?  Await a bit longer my friends. As I said before, Jacob knew much more about ing than Claudio and was able to make his puppy in a much better dog than it was, while Claudio did the exact opposite with Comanche. But notice: this all was done without taking into account any Fila’s standard. Making a briefing: while Jacob made in his kennel, also in Jacarepaguá, a pool to train his dog to develop and improve, Claudio gave them anabolic steroids. Period. Jacob and his wife Andrea knew how to work a dog. Besides, the Blumen couple was getting closer to the board of BKC, where Andrea had a few positions and Claudio was considered just a dog dealer. The result was: Cacibe / Trinity has become one the best champions of BKC while Comanche lost all its initial glow. I state without any doubt that Comanche could have been one of the best pure Fila Brasileiros in history if it had been raised by someone with more technical knowledge and more financial resources. I know what I am saying... I followed up these dogs, since puppies, you ought to remember that Zorra was a sibling, at least on paper in the registration of BKC…

But, again, what is the importance in this long history?

Well, Belona was taken by Claudio and Jacob to ABC Kennel in São Paulo City, which was placed in the area of a large hardware store, whose name, if I well remember, was Itapúa and belonged to Ênio do Monte. Arriving there they were received by Mr. Guerreiro, responsible for the ABC Kennel dogs which had to mate (or bred) and right away they were warned that Bororó wasn’t well, very weak due to some veterinarian problem. And that was the reason why he might not be able to mate. Guerreiro requested that them should be calm once Bororó was good in it and Belona was a beautiful bitch. Claudio and Jacob waited for many hours and after some time they left to have something to eat. When they were back, Guerreiro declared that the mate had happened and so, they both put Belona in the car and returned to Rio.

Nevertheless Claudio had some doubts about that mating and as he had many bills to pay, in his house he had Araribóia mate Belona again. Therefore Belona was mated twice, within a few hours, just the time sufficient to cover the distance between Rio and São Paulo in 1973. So that the litter letter “C” of dos Pampas Kennel had two different fathers which were Bororó and Araribóia!!! While the puppies were small no one could tell the difference. As time went by, all puppies form this litter dark brindle ( the color of Araribóia) such as Trinity and Criola, could be noted to be mongrels with Neapolitan Mastin and the other ones, fawn , the color of Belona and Bororó, such as Charrua (Zorra) and Comanche among others, proved itself as one of the best litters born in that decade.

Then my friends, destiny played about with the Blumen couple, who had no idea about the harmful attitude of Claudio in ing Belona twice. I tell this long story about the background of Fila history once I wonder today, how it would have been if the Blumens had chosen a pure Fila from that litter. It did not need to be the best, once I believe that with their influence and knowledge they would have made it in a sample of Fila to be copied. They would have transformed the puppy into a better adult. Pity they picked out a son of Araribóia. Unfortunately, the hoax was even bigger to the Fila Brasileiro: Trinity, which got to be a super champion of BKC as called to many bitches therefore spreading the Neapolitan Mastin blood. I believe the Blumens were one of the first and biggest victims of the uncontrolled mix ing.

What I do not know is what their position towards the Fila would have been this puppy been a real pure Fila. Would it be possible that they would have joined CAFIB?

Wouldn’t they have fought, at our side against the mix ers? Wouldn’t they have alerted BKC as we have been doing about the mix ing? Jacob knew very well not only Ênio do Monte as well as João Batista Gomes (Canil Sete Barras – SP), who was the man who tried to justify the mix ing of Filas with Old English Mastiff, creating the false theory of Fila Terceirense; Andréia was very close to Mr. Lucena, ex president of CBKC, who had previously been in the board of BKC/RJKC. Both knew about Fila, made into reality an excellent litter of Bororó with Brauna, both had plans and thought everything out well ahead. Which would have been the official positioning of the Blumens if Trinity had been a pure Fila? Would they still keep João Batista as an ally? Once it was João Batista himself, ex president of Clube Paulista do Fila from whom I heard, no one told me, around 1977, in a dinner having by my side Jacob Blumen that he had already prepared 55 mongrels ready to be mixed with Filas… Well, this is another story to be told further on.

DOING THE RIGHT THING …. AND BKC II                               
Life is simple but unfortunately, many human beings do all they can to make it complicated. I simply chose to do things correctly. I decided to have Filas to protect our family little farm. Later, who knows, maybe a kennel to amuse myself. This was the original idea which changed while I got to know the real meaning of mix ing and its ecological crime against the Brazilian Fauna. So I preferred to transfer all my efforts and energy to preserving the pure Fila.

Brazilian Culture is odd, such as… “What looks like, it is” as Pirandello said. In popular language: “let’s Filas with a little foreign blood from Mastiffs, Neapolitans and Great Danes, just to see how it is going to end”.  Nevertheless, more educated and clever Brazilians do not think like that and most important, do not act like this. They refuse to act like this. Well, we all worry about the preservation in Brazil of Mico-Leão (lion tamarind) in Amazonas; Jacaré (alligator) in Pantanal; whale and turtles in the northwest Brazilian coast and even with seals and polar bears in the Arctic and Pandas in China. Why not worrying to take good care of Fila Brasileiro in our yards?

I’ve read in a recent article written by Márcio Braga, President of Flamengo Football Club (soccer), publish last Oct/08 in the newspaper  O GLOBO, which is carved at the entrance of the Olympic Museum in Suisse, a sentence from Juan Antônio Samaranch, Honor President of the International Olympic Committee (COI), which resumes the Olympic Spirit: “What matters is the Athlete”. Well my friends, for me and for Cafib what matters is just the Fila Brasileiro itself.

So I slowly left behind my ing plans and started dedicating myself more to Fila , without hard feelings and personal harm towards the ones who had sold me mongrels and the ones who started the mix ing. Nevertheless, I was and shall always be a warrior against their attitude. I made up my mind on helping rescue the Pure Fila and preserve this Brazilian dog , so faithful and friendly. Whoever wanted Mastiffs,  Neapolitans and Black Great Danes, should carry on with their aim and be happy with them. At the very beginning, even before the onset of CAFIB, I fought alone against Miranda’s and Lucena’s BKC (formers BKC Presidents). Since 1977, in the pages of the magazine Animais & Veterinária I denounced the mix ing; I approached the press through Jornal do Brasil and the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo (also called Estadão)  which published in its pages my statements against mixing; even a column in Rio’s newspaper Diário de Notícias I created to defend the pure Fila, which became worth only due to the hidden help of Paulo Godinho, who used to hand me the news and information on other s so that my articles did not only talk about Filas. I met my dear Zito Hermany, who pointed me to Santos city where I met Paulo Santos Cruz and then my horizons became clearer.  I was one of those who arranged the return of the Great Master  Paulo Santos Cruz to the dog world, as says Paulo Godinho. In fact, I discontinued my kennel (Cafibra Kennel) and soon joined the great chaps at CAFIB, which started in 1978 in São Paulo. Months later I wrote the Open Letter from London, on Aug, 3rd. 1978. When returning to Brazil, because the denounces I wrote in this letter, I was menaced to be killed and had people threw rocks at my unprotected dogs inside my kennel.  Then, I slept the next two nights in the neighbor ground, with a pistol, under a tree waiting for the cowards to come back. Tanks God they never returned.

I was never a er; neither did I understand much about animals or dogs. But one thing I know very well:  animals should be bred within the same . That is, we must not different s, In the last and 21st Cafib Dog Show in Guaratinguetá - SP, organized by my dear friend Jonas Iacovantuono, the journalist Paulo Godinho said, thanking the homage offered by CAFIB to his excellent contribution to the Fila , that I was a kind of parachutist who had never bred any but by chance, landed on Fila with the aim to save it and prevent its extinction. Exact my Dear Paulo, what a happy definition. And as Neguinho da Beija Flor (one of the best School of Samba singers) says: Hi folks, here comes serendipity again!!!...

At that time (second half of 1970) I used to say and make the mix ers very annoyed: “Be sure, if you the best German Sheppard in the world to the best Boxer, maybe you can… get to the best mongrel in the world”. Carrying on with my war I founded CAFIB-Rio with my dear friends and partners Antônio Alves Freire, Carlos Feijó, Dativo José Francisco, Evandro Balesterros,  Gustavo Gama Lima, Helio Touriel, Helçon Lemos, João Garneiro Lombarinha,  Marília e Augusto Canizza, Mário Leitão, Vicencio Lamba Lima and others and without them CAFIB-Rio would not have been a success. I created with much pride the term “genetic salad” and also the depreciative nick name “filamarques” in order to identify  the black dogs, produced by the mix ing of Filas with black Great Danes, which drove their inventors and false “genetic researchers” to madness... (note: in Portuguese the translation of Great Dane is “Dinamarques”, so I just put together the word “fila” plus the ending of the word "dinamarques", i.e., fila+marques = filamarques, which has in Portuguese a lot of sonority).

And my friend, I wrote, wrote and wrote…I became, according to the er Duarte Barros Claire, the Brazilian Champion in sending copy letters... Please remember that in those days there were no e-mail facilities. He said that in a funny way once, before me, he was the champion and used to fight with BKC very much and send letters throughout Brazil. “But you Chico, send them to the whole world” he used to say. Oh, if at that time internet existed! A quick click and hundreds of e-mails would be sent, with picture and documents attached …Ah, Holy Technology... Ah… marvelous new world…

I tried to promote Fila and the risk of extinction which was happening with no break: newspapers JB, Estadão, Diário de Notícias  and O Globo; magazines Animais & Veterinária and Molosser Magazine; several TV news programs, such as RJ TV on TV Globo, TV Band and the late TV Manchete. Our dedication was such that we were in a Radio Late show with my dear Airton Campbell. I swear it is true! Airton took a plane in São Paulo, late in the afternoon to be interviewed with me at 11:00 PM, in a show of Mr. Francisco Horta. And you may believe me, I do not like to talk in public and least on TV, nevertheless I took part in TV “Sem Censura” shows, a top show in the afternoons in Rio, when I was interviewed by Lúcia Lemos and later by the nicest “sugar plump” on Brazilian TV, Leda Nagle. I used to be so nervous hours before the show came on, that I shock all over….I got the sympathy of all the great news papers journalists in Rio de Janeiro: Hildegard Angel,  Zózimo Barroso do Amaral, Ricardo Boechat and the top one Ibrahim Sued, who showed in his daily page 7 pictures of CAFIB Filas and several notes (see link: The importance of Press) supporting our Filas and Cafib. Some high society ladies in Rio de Janeiro called my parents, usually called by Mr. Sued “Ambassadors of Bahia Sympathy in Rio” to know how those huge dogs got their pictures, 7 times, printed in Ibrahim Sued‘s page and their pictures were not. My parents did not know how to answer but I know: Ibrahim was the “sword”; he had the feeling to know that we were fighting for something important and not only for dogs. Ibrahim knew we were fighting for the preservation of a Brazilian dog ! Thank you dear missed friend. Cheers to our beloved Ibrahim!!!! So long that the Fila will go ahead, going up and down the stairs (as Mr. Sued uses to write and play in his daily column...)

As mentioned before at the beginning of this topic: many men tried to make life simpler and more direct. Others, intentionally, wanted to complicate it in order to create escapes and excuses to cover a false image in the new scenery. They tried to make the old pills sweeter. I believe that was what happened to Filas, people commercializing it easily or feeling great for creating a new different kind of dog --- far from a , once this is a hard task and demands lots time and hard work. These mix ers did not aim any improvement to the , not even to establish a type of Mastin or Brazilian Molosser once they did not control the litters from these illegal ing and sold them without any follow up. They did not even attain the ethical and moral principles of such a procedure because they used false BKC pedigrees. In further analyses, this procedure was not serious; it was in the underground and punished the pure Fila. Pity for the ones who were cheated by them. Poor BKC which let itself be involved by this kind of people. The only conclusion I may reach is that these people wanted to make lots of money getting as many bitches pregnant as possible. That is why the registration of Pure and mixed Fila at BKC from 1975 to 1982 broke all records. It went on for a decade, for the registration from 1982 to 1985  Filas and mixbred dogs were second in numbers and that meant a lot of money to BKC which took advantage of this large number of registrations not caring if they were correct or not. That’s why I consider them allies and guilty in this crime against Fila Brasileiro. Once and for all I do believe that the financial factor played a major role in the “blindness” of BKC, as it has always played in the history of mankind.

Carrying on with my idea about the commercial purpose, which shows its unethical position having as only profit a target and far from being serious, I shall add 3 points which were pointed out to me by João Batista Gomes, confidentially, at a dinner party happened in late 1977, at the restaurant Tarantela, in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro with the presence of Jacob Blumen, besides myself, after one of those BKC meetings which got nowhere.. (See link, Documents from 1979, no. 9.24a.) According to João Batista, these 3 points “aimed the improvement and rescue (???) of Fila”- and a lot of profit for them – were:

  1. A national presentation of 55 mix which had already been selected to be crossed in large scale with pure Filas;
  2. Presentation and approval of a new standard for Fila, which would lead to a larger mastiff type in the phenotype and also influencing the temperament of the pure fila;
  3. Organization of the II Symposium of Brasilia when they would make all the incorrect procedures official

All the above reported attitudes, according to João Batista, (now, amuse yourselves), would have the support of BKC.

This rubbish verbalization of João Batista was what rang my bell with the need to start writing my Open Letter from London, which was released as a bomb on Aug 3rd, 1978, before the fake symposium, mentioned before. I believe it has been by far the most important document ever written by me, for once the dog world got to know about it, mentioning the names of the most important mix ers and of the dogs, then everyone could see the picture of João Batista Gomes with his Old English Mastiff, all the letters and documents and the critics to BKC which caused the interruption of all the plans for the mix ing. And then, Fila Brasileiro was saved. Do not fail to read this Open Letter in the link Documents from 1978, documents 8.14 up to 8.18. According to Paulo Roberto Godinho it was "the greatest bomb ever launched within our Brazilian Cinophilia.” Later, in an interview I gave at the headquarters of O Estado de São Paulo newspaper, journalist Antonio Mendes Carvalho wrote in his weekly column that upon taking knowledge of these 3 points, "... I foresaw the end of the last Brazilian still surviving. Then I decided to write an Open Letter clarifying the general public against mixing ... " (see link Documents from 1979, document no. 9.24.a.)

In order to conclude I must add that for having written that vehement accusation letter  only a year later, that’s it, with the slight delay of almost a year, more precisely on 07/17/79, our dear BKC decided to declare its opinion granting me a title of which I am very proud of: "Persona non Grata" of the Brazilian Cinophilia ... Moreover, in this document, they also tried to forbid me to write and speak - I think they took me for Theologian Leonardo Boff – since it is also written that I "... not being empowered  to (give) any pronouncement about the Fila Brasileiro". What a futile authoritarianism! How could Mr. Lucena, Number 1 of BKC, write such  a nonsense?

Curious, isn’t it? But the fact is that if I had returned from London mixing in my luggage the ing of Fila with Beagle, with a view - commercial - to change our , making it smaller, calmer and with cheaper maintenance, which would be converted into many records to increase the invoicing of BKC, I would probably  have been applauded ... My God, what an irresponsibility! Poor BKC! Did not deserve such an awkward administration ... The fact is that, according to Paulo Godinho, I am the only Brazilian to bear and hold this fantastic title of "Persona non Grata." (See link Documents from 1979, document 9.15, page 3.) Thanks, BKC ...

My dear mother, Lucia, always positioned herself against what she called "ready work inspector", that is, the nosy person that emerges after the work is done to make suggestive remarks.I must mention that CAFIB has never been this kind of critical. On the contrary, we left in the front, originated as Commission within the BKC to help it preserve our Fila.Unfortunately BKC during Lucena’s period, never raised "... their asses off the chair ...", as our President Lula says, to work for Fila. The little they did was to organize some meetings, always pretending to transfer  the  responsibility  to  ers  who were  the  "experts"  in Filas,   which  were  then  responsible  for
morons ..., I say, destinies of the .Remember Pontius Pilates? That’s it, washing hands ... This was the case of the I Symposium of Brasília and the change in the pattern, both captained by João Batista Gomes, but in fact Lucena controlled and used all tyrannically, like puppets; exactly for not letting others to make a fool of him. Aiming at Fila only, for not wanting jobs, power or money and not accepting this kind of game, CAFIB become an independent Club leaving BKC behind. Lucena remained seated at BKC, did not inspect any kennel, not even ABC Kennel, where he could testify in a single visit, as I myself did (see link PHOTOS, docs 18.8 and 18.9) that Fila females in heat stayed in the city of São Paulo instead of the farm of Mr.  Ênio, ready to be mated and he would have seen what I disclosed in writing in 1978:in that same kennel was the English Mastiff of Mr. Monte. Since in practice he did not want to work, Mr. Lucena could have read, that’s it, at least have read the letter from its affiliate Kennel Clube Paulista of 09/11/78 (see doc 8.21a), which states that Mrs. Ênio Monte and João Batista Gomes at that time were the only ones in Brazil who had two males English Mastiffs and no female.Exactly so: both imported from California these two MALES included in the link PHOTOS, but it seems that these two great creators forgot to import the necessary females ...Elementary, my dear Watson ...Elementary, my dear Lucena... If they rolled up their sleeves a bit, BKC would have stopped its important paperwork to issue pedigrees, to verify in practice, in the real world, that denunciations from CAFIB were valid. If at that time Mr. Lucena, Almighty then, had ordered to take away half a dozen pedigrees, had suspended or ousted from "his" BKC a couple ers due to forgery of pedigree, based on the agreement with FCI, with the Ministry of Agriculture and on the Brazilian Penal Code (ideological falsehood) and had required an indemnity, no, I repeat, no cinologic disaster like this would have happened.

After all, what emerged first? The egg or the chicken? Well, friends, did João Batista Gomes know the answer, if mix or Terceirense was born first? Yeah, to make a mistake is human, but to go on making mistakes is stupidity ...

But in the last 3 months (Oct up to Dec/08) while organizing this Site, after so many years of separation from my day-by-day routine with Fila, from CAFIB, exhibitions, ers and from the press, destiny had it that the last straw for my return was precisely the Plate I received from CAFIB paying homage to me with the super-title of Father of CAFIB. (See link CAFIB-BRAZIL documents 12.5, 12.6 and 12.6.a.)  Less, friends from CAFIB, less. I do not deserve this. Without you the perpetuation of Fila as we have inherited it from Mother Nature would not have been possible.  

Despite having always kept contact with Airton Campbell, I’ve really disappeared for a few years. Having started to work when I was 17 years old, I never had easy times. I still have 10 months of vacation to take, but from myself since I am my own boss ... So, a few years ago I felt like re-building my personal life. No doubt, carrying on working, but also enjoying life a little more. I quite enjoyed that style of life: since I do not drink, smoke and sleep only a few hours, I used to go out 5 nights a week ... And, I admit, our Fila was left aside. Nevertheless, I’ve always nourished the idea of writing a book telling the Saga of CAFIB, but the Internet came taking charge of us and simplifying our lives. Hence the idea of designing this Site and making available in the Internet for you all the most important part of the documents I hold. Perhaps this Site does not bring great disclosures, for those who followed these hard years of coexistence with the Military Dictatorship, I mean, dictatorship of BKC. But it brings the interesting backstage of how many things happened, and mainly, most documents in their original copies, substantiating the facts that many of us have commented and disclosed years ago. This is the case, for example, of our dear and courageous Ines Van Damme, er of Filas in Spain and writer with two books published on our Fila; she has never had any fear to mention mixing in her writings. (see link Documents from 1984 up to ..., documents 11.19a, 11.19b and 11.19c). Do you believe that Ines recently told me that there are some disciples of mixers, especially dog traders in the USA, who wrote books on the Fila without even mentioning one line about mixing?

What a lack of respect to their readers! It seems the old and dead Soviet communist regime, which erased its own history, removing from its past important thinkers and dissident characters, rewriting a history more convenient for the regime, although false or incomplete. Well then, I believe that nothing really sound is built with half truths. Those negligent and unscrupulous writers that "forgot" to mention the mixing that was freely spread in Brazil and so many other important moments in the recent history of Fila, will be demoralized and charged in the very near future, since their former readers, besides reading this paragraph that ruins their reputation will have access to documents whose access was denied by them.

But, thanks to God, today I am Chico, Peace and Love ..., away from the warrior of years ago. Do you know why? Because the Fila is saved, thanks to CAFIB and ers who have really attached themselves more to the than to their dogs. ers that have believed in improving their Filas, even those who have always been with BKC, but followed our philosophy, or those who had "dual citizenship"... i.e., two pedigrees ...

The fact is that a few years ago, the conjugation of João Batista’s & Co. verb "... I mix, you mix, he/she/it mixbreeeds, so we all will be mixing ..." ended up. Fortunately, a few years ago the English, Danish and Neapolitan accent were banned forever from our beloved dog of Fila Brasileiro.

Thanks CAFIB, Paulo Santos Cruz, Paulo Godinho, Antonio Carvalho Mendes, Ibrahim Sued, JB, Estadão, Animais & Veterinary, and above all to you, real er of Fila from CAFIB, BKC/CBKC, CMCFB, Unifila, ACB, and even without being affiliated to any club or group. Without you all Fila would not simply remain being the one we inherited from the good and lovely Mother Earth Brazil!

But it seems that fortunately as of some years ago times are different, winds have blown and dust has settled. The tyranny is over... After all, there are 30 years since the founding of CAFIB. People and facts end up returning to their appropriate places and taking their real proportions. Unfortunately some people passed away such as Eugênio Henrique Pereira Lucena, João Batista Gomes and Procópio do Valle. I feel really sorry; I would like to share this website with them. I have always had relationships with my competitors in the professional field, and also with my opponents in terms of Ideas, as in the case of Fila. The forgeries and lies fell to the ground. Even the RI - Initial Registration was reopened ... After all, as it is said and history proves: a group could not carry on deceiving so many people for so long... Many tanks CBKC.

I mention this with a lot of hope in my heart, since recently I have met the current President of BKC, Mr. Domingos Setta, of whom I have had an excellent impression and information. Since February 1980, BKC is responsible for registration within the State of Rio de Janeiro only, but from this date on the National Cinophilia, linked to FCI, will be ruled by CBKC at national level. As far as I know, in addition to the CBKC System, only CAFIB records, controls, judges, exhibits, that is, maintains activities related to a cinologic club, formerly exclusive of this BKC/CBKC System. On September 9, 1995, there was a good rapprochement between BKC and CAFIB-Rio, where we were invited by Director Eva Rimes to witness and follow up the 205th BKC Expo, held at Clube do Professorado, in Jacarepaguá. Several members of CAFIB-Rio attended, and notably Airton Campbell who was honored with a beautiful medal along with me, which we keep very carefully until today, after we delivered the award of Especializada de Fila  to female Estampa da Boa Sorte, judged by Judge Roberto Paulo Godinho, and ing of Marilia Pentagna. 

In conclusion, as it says a prayer I read in the morning: "I'm really concerned about tomorrow, because it is where I intend to live the rest of my life" ... So, save the new BKC and CBKC!


As it is written in the Homepage of this Site, the goal is to make available to you a large part of the documentation I hold. Documents that belong to me, mostly in their original copy or copies that I have kept with me throughout these years. The idea is to make you feel as if you were in my office leafing through my files. So, upon clicking on a document a screen will be opened. My personal file is made available in a quite journalistic way and always follows the chronological order of each piece of information. However, some links, such as Initial Registration, Black Dog (filamarqueses), Ministry of Agriculture and CAFIB have their documents and subjects grouped in each one of their links, but even so, always maintaining the chronological order of these events.

In the first part of the INTRODUCTION, entitled MY HISTORY, I tried to tell my personal relationship with Fila, with the most important participants in this scenario and key events I thought necessary to record. From that moment on, that is, the second part of the INTRODUCTION, called THE SITE, I start commenting a little on the links, and mainly, on some documents made available herein. No doubt, it is the history of the Saga of CAFIB without which this Site as well as the pure Fila would no longer be among us...

I hope that by searching through these documents, you become informed and remove many of your doubts about the history of Fila in the last 34 years. But I also wish you to have fun. I guarantee I had a good time! After all, as I said above,  Chico-Warrior is almost retired and has given space to Chico-Peace-and-Love ...

Link 2 - Super Recommended Reading:
Considering that this Site is a lot greater than I had originally imagined (around 600 pages/ images!), I thought it convenient to group in one link the documentation that I regard as the most important, thus creating a selection of the most relevant documents. So, I recommend for those who do not have much time, to read this introduction and this link, without forgetting to enjoy the link  PHOTOS...

Link 3 - Documents up to 1974, some comments:
3.1 - Article written by João Laraya in 1942 in magazine Caça e Pesca. According to Paulo Godinho, this is the first written record about Fila. Due to this historical connotation I’ve decided to make it available.
3.2 - Very interesting article that shows how difficult it was to “create” a new canine as early as 1954. 99.99% of you probably have never heard about Japma, Cão Brasileiro de Caça [Brazilian Hunting Dog]. I seize the opportunity to mention that a while back, Fila was not the only Brazilian dog, since Terrier Brasileiro, Veadeiro Paulista, Rastreador Brasileiro, Paqueiro and Perdigueiro existed as well; however, these dogs disappeared, were extinct ... This would have been the fate of Fila, due to mixing. It happens that these s or types disappeared over the years. I stress this fact to demonstrate how difficult it is to keep a alive after "creating" it. Therefore, we must conclude that mixers that used to make their illegal mating and even counterfeited pedigrees and did not maintain the necessary control over mating and litters, would never reach a valid and much less serious and scientific pre-determined objective, aiming at creating some canine type; unless by earning higher trading profits.
3.3 up to 3.18 - Luiz Hermanny, Zito Hermanny and Paulo Santos Cruz: I was lost in relation to Fila, and even more about my would-be ing, when I decided to contact Zito. I do not remember how our first contact was made, but the fact is that we scheduled an encounter on a certain Saturday at Álvaro’s, little bar in the heart of Leblon, at the corner of streets Cupertino Durão and Ataulfo de Paiva. Between "a draft beer and two fried, filled pasties” he gave me the magic clue: Paulo Santos Cruz. Two paths to follow: in a second-hand bookstore, try to buy the book of his grandfather that had some chapters written by Paulo himself or go to Santos to talk to the Father of Fila. Of course, I did both things...

Link 4 - Documents from 1975 and 1976, some comments:
4.2 and 4.3 - Article by Cesar Mesquita, A&V Ago/75: this is the first reference, although in a timid way, about mixing. Just think: if nowadays people still do not know and others pretend to be ignorant of mixing, imagine over 30 years ago. Congratulations Cesar and A&V for the courage.
4.5 up to 4.9 - My first column in DN and my first article published in A&V as well.
2:12 to 4:14 - Brutus: Fila Hero of the War of Paraguay according to Viriato Correa and friends...
4. 15 and 4.16 - The first letter I received from Paulo Santos Cruz, who was years away from cinophilia. It was the beginning of the return of our Master...
4.17 – Masterful article written by Paulo Godinho on the Return of the Great Master.
4.18 up to 4.37 - Letters exchanged between FPeltier and PSCruz in which we comment on the need to establish a club of ers, and an interesting "necropsy" on the book of JBGomes made by me.

Link 5 – RI, Initial Registration, some comments:
I believe I was the first to be against the closing of the RI (see doc 5.1). Bringing PSCruz over to this battle was easy. A bit of encouragement was enough ... Imagine, close the registration of men and not of nature for pure Filas, the same Filas that for years Paulo fetched in Minas Gerais in order to organize the Parnapuan Kennel, one of the best of all times and the first to export Filas to Germany! These mixers were ended very shameless. At the beginning, naively, I believed that mixers advocated this closing trying, even the wrong way, to preserve the pure Filas from possible mating with dogs having RI without being Filas, which registration could have been obtained by mistake due to a wrong judgment. Some time later I realized that the closing of the RI for mixers was very interesting because:

a) it would inhibit honest ers from bringing pure Filas from inland, without BKC pedigree, especially from our dear Minas Gerais - the cradle of Fila – aiming at improving their s. It is worth repeating: this was exactly the procedure adopted by PSCruz in the beginning of his ing and later by CAFIB since its foundation;

b) likewise, the pure Fila would be moved away from the city, old blood ties of true Filas that could be brought from inland and would help us to preserve the traditional phenotype and temperament of the true Cão de Fila Brasileiro;

c) upon annulling the possibility of obtaining the RI for pure Filas still without pedigree of BKC, the commercial value of mixs “manufactured” and sold by mixers;

d) upon reducing the number of pure Filas it would be easier to change the aggressive temperament of Fila, making it a more docile bastard, and therefore more suitable for export, in terms of commerce. Remember that Fila is the only dog in the world that judges fail to touch.

e) and at long last, we must note that since mixers counterfeited pedigrees, certainly they remain having their own RI.  Did you note the trickery? That’s it! A private RI through the falsification of pedigrees where BKC was used just to sign and validate this crime...

But, my friends, life has taught me that we must act cautiously. With too much faith, hope and optimism but also with too much sweat and work. However, always conscious of the reality in which we live. We should always go after our dreams and achievements, but without creating unattainable dreams. Like CAFIB I am not follower of the philosophy of… "you're cheating me, I know it, but I enjoy it” I do not accept living in a fake country. Pay attention: in that RI situation the curious thing was BKC to require from ers settled down in farms, in a huge country like Brazil, that they register their litters ... Well, let’s agree that many farmers not even registered animals of higher economic value as oxen and horses from their properties; therefore they did not worry too much in registering "dogs" ... Often nor even their farms were duly registered ...    This was how the minds of many farmers worked at that time. After all, many Brazilians still do not have their Birth Certificate until current days ... So, since them did not have ID, why register dogs? Why do they need to have pedigrees? But, carrying on this "non sense", do you think that BKC had several offices throughout inland of Brazil? That it would be easy to register litters of Filas and that farmers were lazy? Nothing of the kind! Only at capitals!  That formerly BKC lived in another country ...

Well, my friends, let’s agree that our dear Brazil is wonderful. I lived abroad 3 times: studying in Palo Alto, California-USA and working both in New York and London. There is no other country in the world I would replace our Patropi [Brazilian nick name for Tropical Country] by! I love my dear land, and even more, my Wonderful City of Rio de Janeiro surrounded by too much sea and mountains, full of green, pure beauty ... A pleasant walk in the morning on the beaches of Ipanema and Leblon, is priceless. Walking around the alleys of the Botanical Garden, driving up to Paineiras, and riding a bike along the beach at sunset is a dream. A sunset at Bira`s Restaurant, a weekend in the cities of Petropolis-Angra-Búzios; Maracanã crowded on a Sunday of Fla x Flu (soccer game); the Parade of Samba Schools in the Carnival of Sapucaí; the beach of Pepê full of people; a dinner at Marguta Restaurant ...  What a happiness.!

And  about my friends? ... Ah, going on to a premiere at Canecão on a Thursday night guest at the table of Giovanna and Mario; a good movie Saturday night at Glorinha and Luiz’s home; a barbecue on Sunday or the 12 parties per year that always take place at Maninha and Leleco’s home; at any time an excellent chat (sitting, preferably) with Afonsinho always in the presence of his super-mounted Beth Augusto; the glorious stories of our eternal King of the Night, Alô, Alô Amaral and countless works of charity of Giselinha (La Loren !!!); the smile of the Smile Family captained by Moniquinha and Sérgio; listening to "objective and focused" speeches of our Paulinho always next to our cheerful Mirnoca; a lively chat at the triplex of the couple Danny and Bob; parading on the Samba Schools of Portela and Rocinha and watching the parades in Rio, Samba and Carnival Box of our dear Mauricio, always remembering the First Lady Tania; enjoying the New Year’s night at Atlântica Avenue, at Copacabana Beach first in the palace of Beth and Serpinha, and later going to André and Bruno Reveillon Party at Chopin flat, simply wonderful .... Finally, our numberless and holy BLT’s (several invitations for parties and events) every week, and the divine "oasis" that is our Country Club as well. Ah ... what a more than wonderful city...

Our people are great, cheerful, affectionate and feeling well towards life, but holy crap, it is the end of times a country where: most politicians have constituted a Caste that took over the power in Brasília; Justice is slow and not fair; Impunity reins, larger evil of this country; urban violence that massacres us everyday; Petrobras declares itself self-sufficient, but keeps on importing oil; there is no idea of how much a congressman costs us per hour, differently of any private company where its employees  cost is known; no one has the slightest idea of how much costs to install, maintain (and to fail) a CPI [Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry]; politicians lie shamelessly; Education is deficient; during floods everybody complains about the garbage, but the production of PET packaging nor of  plastic bags are  forbidden; one complains of the excessive waste of water, but new dwellings are not obliged to have individual meters; fake NGO’s work as state entities in the reception of governmental budgets, but they operate as private companies without control of the State in the non-inspected over expenditure; per year it is collected as taxes of each Brazilian the equivalent to four and a half months of their sacred work; aliquots  on the products that make up the typical family food basket are 30% on average; Cidade da Música [City of Music] in Rio has been estimated in R$ 80 million and today more than R$ 500 million has already been spend; SEBRAE confirms that only one in each 4 companies opened in Brazil per year survive --- and  note that CAFIB will be 30 years this year!!!; the Federal Government insists on amnestying hundreds of "philanthropic" entities, in the range of R$ 2 billion, through MP-446, rewarding scoundrels and discouraging honest people;  the use of handcuffs is limited; candidate with discredit records can be chosen, but cannot be hired as cleaner of the Chamber; Political Parties accept the affiliation of these outlaws; there is special Forum for politicians; Habeas Corpus is granted for not rendering a deposition at CPI [Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry]; prisoner, after serving 1/6 of the sentence, goes home without being resocialized; the Bateau Mouche shipwreck case failed, as well as the air crashes of TAM and Gol where people responsible have never been punished; there are more than 20 political parties whose majority does serves based on machination; on September, 2008 Incra has emerged as one of the major deforesters of our forests, and concluding, my friends, in a country where soccer’s coaches like João Saldanha and Telê Santana were forgotten and someone like Dunga are pampered. Ah, I do miss Pasquim Journal!!!...

So, in a wonderful country like Brazil, which unfortunately carries so many political problems (and politicians) as the ones mentioned above, the formerly BKC had emerged,  naive as a basic education student, requiring registration of litters in the most remote corners of our dear Brazil, as if our geographical area is similar to one of the Netherlands or Belgium. That is, a joke.  However, as I said in item BKC III above, times had changed: I knew that a few years ago BKC/CBKC reopened a type of Initial Registration ... Believe it or not ... Hallelujah!

Link 6 - Documents from 1977, some comments:
6.2 up to 6.6 – Very interesting considerations of PSCruz on the Pedigree.
6.17 up to 6.20 - The oddest article I have ever written. Essential reading before the Comments found in doc 6.18. Article written by me with the particular aim of confusing and strafe mastiffs these exposed in the book of João Batista Gomes.

Link 7 – Black Dog x Pure Fila, some comments:
I believe I was one of the first to denounce the bastards of black color (see docs 7.1 and 7.2).  Let’s us agree, for me it was very easy since I always had in my rear our Master of ing, the Father of Fila, founder of CAFIB, our dear and irreplaceable Paulo Santos Cruz. I just had to pass the ball to him, likewise Rivelino (very famous soccer player), our Big Paulo kicked into gooooooooooooooooal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the black color is the major public self-certificate of mixing that I know. Besides being an enormous dumb stubbornness unfortunately it caused terrible damage to the Fila .  After all, anyone know what is black, and also look at a dog and define it as skinny, slender, without dewlap, long-legged and half gentle  ... They tried in all ways to justify the unjustifiable. They even tried to say that the black color RETURN was the result of a scientific rescue of genetics, and so on. If that happened a few years ago they would say it was cloning or DNA ... I just denounced: filamarqueses, result of mating dark brindle Fila with black Great Dane; in other words, a fucking "genetic salad" ... Friends, you simply talk to anyone knowledgeable of marketing together with a professional involved in the fashion industry, or any specialist in sales: black color sells! So I aimed my backside towards these bastards and nicknamed them "filamarqueses”. Friends, even our dear Christofer Habig, from Germany, sent a letter to Mr. Lucena signed by 42 Germans ers asking the black color banishment. My God, what a shame! (see doc 7.10). I used to tease and have a lot of fun with the creators of filamarques by putting several ads in the classified section of Jornal do Brasil, the most sought of Rio at that time, saying that I was interested in buying them, but they had to be pure and from Kirimaua and Sete Barras Kennels, ABC was not good enough ... (see doc 15.3). See also the link PHOTOS, particularly docs 18.11, 18.12, 18.34 and 18.35 Besides I foresaw the birth of dogs with another color and characteristic of the black Great Dane: the harlequin color, which later on began to appear disconcertingly in some tracks of shows in Brazil ... (see doc 18.35). Airton Campbel took more than 10 photos of these mixs of the Great Dane with the harlequin color to a Symposium on Mixing held by CAFIBE (Club de Amigos del Fila Brasileiro in Spain) in Nov/2008. What a tragedy, my God!

In conclusion, I swear, Nature is indeed wise: I have never seen a mix and bastard of black color with phenotype of pure Fila! What about you?

Link 8 - Documents from 1978, some comments:
8.1. - In my confides in that letter to PSCRuz, on the eve of being transferred to work in London, I report the dinner I had with JBGomes and JBlumen when they told about the plans foreseen for 55 mixs. It was very important prior to my trip to inform PSCruz about this additional crime against Fila Brasileiro. After all, I never lost an opportunity to incite our dear Master of ing... You may believe: the Old Paulo had aversion and “ojeriza” to mixers...
8.9 - Luiz Antonio Maciel and a group of ers from São Paulo send official letter to Kennel Club Paulista requesting verification of the (Fila) in the dog Anajás do Rio Negro. The siege to BKC began to tighten...
8:12 - LAMaciel further tightens the siege to BKC and asks measures from Mr. Lucena
8:14 up to 8:18 - My Open Letter from London, dated 08/3/1978. According to Paulo Godinho, the largest bomb ever launched within the Brazilian Cinophilia. In 5 flaws I destroyed Oscar Miranda, Henrique Lucena, Cláudio Fontes, Jacob Blumen, Ênio Monte, João Batista Gomes, Procópio do Valle, and in addition mentioned some mixs. Result: I imploded the plan for an II Symposium of Brasília concerning another change in the Fila Standard which would further became the Fila more like a mastiff type), and mainly the attempt of JBGomes’ plan of privileging the matting of our Fila with 55 mixs previously selected by him and his group. I deem the most important document that I’ve ever written.  Note: that my Open Letter was written on my English IBM typewriter, without accents, cedillas, etc ... Thus, the correct Portuguese was very affected. And, most serious, typed by my German secretary, called Barbara who did not speak or read Portuguese, at night, after working hours and as favor ... The very worst: my letter was (and still is) horrible. So, the least fair to do is an acknowledgement, even without remembering her surname ... Moreover, what I was really wishing was to send this Open Letter  to Airton Campbell as soon as possible, who took upon himself the task of copying and sending to everybody in Brazil.
8.21a. - Wonderful letter and work of prospection that was forwarded to me by our deeply missed "007" Carlos Alberto Barroso Pereira, from Juiz de For a - MG. I do not remember exactly how, but the fact is that our Barrosinho acted as a real “mineiríssimo” in KCP, when this BKC affiliate reports that in Brazil there are only two English Mastiffs, BOTH MALE - Elementary My Dear Watson and Dear Lucena .. --, owned by Ênio Monte and João Batista Gomes ... Amazing. Congratulations Great Barroso!!!
8.30a through h - Release of the first copy of Jornal O Fila, from CAFIB, created by journalist and CAFIB founder Luis Antonio Maciel.   Jornal O Fila is one of the greatest centers of knowledge of CFB, which was launched with this masterful article by PSCruz entitled “Como distinguir um fila puro de um mestiço” [How to distinguish a pure Fila from a mix]. Friends, read it because it is a work of art. Also read the article written by Luia Antonio maciel about the Cafib`s Foundation.

Link 9 - Documents from 1979, some comments:
9.3. – Fila  - A Gift from the stars: pure poetry written by Paulo Godinho...
9.4. - Must-read: Manifesto of CAFIB against the violence of BKC, signed by A Campbell.
9.6 to 9.9. - Must-read: Official letter from CAFIB mentioning independence, signed by LAMaciel.
9.12 up to 9.18 - BKC Circular Letter No 79: answer from stubborn Mr. Lucena trying to punish CAFIB where: f) he refuses to open the IR, and when justifying, he misunderstands or do it deliberately that IR and Pedigree are documents with the same value and purposes. Moreover, he "mixes" the international reality with the national needs; h and i) he does not homologated as BKC arbitrators judges of CAFIB, including PSCruz, ACampbell, Américo Maciel, among others. j.1) Francisco Peltier becomes "Persona non Grata" of the national cinophilia --- whatever this means (!?!?!?!), in addition to other nonsense.
9.21 - Letter from Francisco Peltier making ironic comments about BKC Circular Letter No 79 and reaffirming all my accusations...
9.24a - In an interview given for ACMendes at the headquarters of Estadão, Francisco  Peltier comments the facts that led him to write the Open Letter from London, that is:  the "former agreement" where João Batista Gomes planned to hold the II Symposium of Brasilia where standard of Fila would be changed once again aiming at turning it even more like a mastiff type and presenting 55 mixs that JBGomes considered would “improve” the Fila – and probably your bank account as well...
9.29a and b – That simple CAFIB Official Letter sent to the Ministry of Agriculture was the beginning of the revolution that ended up with the loss of exclusive rights which make BKC and later on CBKC to be the only canine club authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture to keep the Registration of Origin and issue the respective pedigrees of dogs in Brazil. I believe that Mr. Lucena, accustomed to give attention FCI only, disregarded and therefore disrespected the existing Convention with the Ministry of Agriculture that made BKC/CBKC responsible for maintaining the proper control and records of dogs in our country.  That is: the road was being opened for CAFIB to plead this control, which it ended up receiving from the Ministry of Agriculture for the Fila Brasileiro (see link CAFIB and the MA).
9.35 - Clube Mineiro dos Criadores de Fila Brasileiro, by means of its President Arthur Verlangieri, our dear Verlan, explains the reasons that led it to disassociate from BKC.

Link 10 - Documents from 1980 up to 1983, some comments:
10.2. - Masterful article published in issue no 19 of Jornal O FILA explaining the mess created by Mr. Lucena in the Ministry of Agriculture, as per doc 9.29a and b above.
10.7 – Originator and founder of CAFIB in Pernambuco, lawyer José Souto Maior Borges, explains and analyzes in depth the disconnection of all canine s from the Ministry of Agriculture.
10.8 - Luiz Antonio Maciel, secretary of CAFIB, informs the readers of Estadão that the Club fur Molosser and the German Kennel Club (VDH) reject the request of the President of CBKC, Eugenio Henrique Pereira de Lucena, so that pedigrees issued by CAFIB no longer be accepted by Germans. He further comments that Mr. Walt Weisse, president of the German Club of Molossers, confirms that CAFIB, although not recognized by CBKC is a serious entity, concerned with "... the preservation the purity of the Fila Brasileiro in Brazil ...", constituted of judges and good reputation ers adding that he believes and trusts more in CAFIB pedigrees (of Filas) than in those issued by CBKC and ends: ... “The paradox is that we have to rely more on the documents - dissent - than in those of the official entity (CBKC) connected to FCI”.
 In other words, friends, another disgrace to CBKC. As we can see, Mr. Lucena - mistakenly - believed more in papers, stamps and signatures than in the real, living, flesh, bone and tail ing. Mr. Lucena did not understand that for a serious and honest er, a fragrant and is cute pedigree is not important if, in fact, this paper does not reflect the reality.  Yet if it is counterfeited! A correct er does not create “paper”, he/she s dogs! A true er is more concerned with the actual genealogical lineage of his/her dog than hanging on his/her wall or a falsified pedigree or parading on the tracks of shows with an awarded mix. Mr. Lucena - wrongly – privileged the paper instead of the blood. Acting this way, Mr. Lucena, disregarded the dogs, their ers and the Brazilian canine ing; he also disrespected his fellow managers and further the convention with the Ministry of Agriculture and agreements signed with FCI.  Ultimately, Mr. Lucena disregarded the own CBKC and an entire history of successes, achievements and glories of our dear Brazil Kennel Club that from November 10, 1922 up to February 1, 1980 was responsible for the control and progresses in other s of the Brazilian cinophilia.
10.9 up to 10.11 – These 3 letters show how er Marília Pentagna, owner of Boa Sorte Kennel - Valença - RJ, was persecuted by BKC as well as several other members of CAFIB-Rio. To the extent possible, I’ve always tried to know the character of my opponents within cinophilia. So, after knowing better Mr. Lucena's personality, I think, although being an employee of Bank of Brazil, when taking over the control of BKC/CBKC he was possessed immediately by the little power syndrome.  I think he becomes a General Lucena, authoritarian dictator, perhaps inspired by some military person of the Military Junta, which commanded Brazil during a few years. Maybe this explains the arrogant and extremely dictatorial attitudes he adopted. I seize the opportunity to mention that I comment on the position of Mr. Lucena strictly as a former President of BKC/CBKC while deliberating in relation to the Fila. Therefore, I state to totally ignore his performance as canine manager of other s and I never refer to his personal life. Without any discomfort I called him to schedule a visit to his residence in Barra, when I took Christofer Habig for a meeting and stayed the whole afternoon with no problem. Our always friendly relationship was recently remembered by er Antonio Carlos Linhares Borges from Minas, because when writing his book, which is in link "Documents from 1984 up to... " (doc 11.20) with foreword of Mr. Lucena, he commented me days ago that the own former president of BKC/CBKC suggested him (Antonio Carlos) to get in touch with me to talk about his excellent book.
10.13 – Masterful article published in Jornal O Fila no. 42, written  by Master Paulo Santos Cruz, dissecting and making a necropsy of Procópio do Valle’s book, greater defender of the black color in mix Filas, that is, filamarqueses, entitled “O Grande Livro do Fila Brasileiro”[The Great Book of Fila Brasileiro]  This book, with so many failures of real and logical reasoning, runs over the facts and history, values versions and simple drawings, and ultimately, is full of mistakes and inconsistencies. Therefore, PSCruz concludes that this book should be called “A Grande Confissão da Mestiçagem” [The Great Confession of Mixing]...
10.14 - As already reported in this Site, at the request of Christofer Habig, on 08/12/83 I took him to the apartment of Mr. Lucena in Barra da Tijuca with no discomfort because although having a thought in relation to Fila totally different from his, I always had an open and direct contact. After all, he was the President of CBKC. However, I must confess that I’ve never understood the factors that led him to accept our request to write and sign an Open Letter acknowledging the mixing. For me, and certainly for our dear Cris Habig, current President of VDH, this fact will always be a mystery.  Note: in the excellent book by Antonio Carlos Linhares Borges, entitled “CFB, Preservando o Original [CFB, Preserving the Original], which is the link "Documents from 1984 up to ..." (doc 11.20) one can read in the preface written by Mr. Lucena that he, for the second time, confirms the existence of mixing in the Fila Brasileiro .
10.15 up to 10.17 - Interesting summary of the visit of Christofer Habig to Brazil, prepared by ACMendes in Estadão.

Link 11 - Documents from 1984 up to ... some comments:
11.12. - Francisco Peltier and Renato Tarquínio Bittencourt analyzed the exclusion of all canine s from the Ministry of Agriculture.
11.15 - Report of CAFIB about its 10 years of activities.
11.19 – Tribute to Master Paulo Santos Cruz: outstanding article by Paulo Godinho.
11.20 - “O CFB, Preservando o Original” – First-class book written by Antonio Carlos Linhares Borges, er, judge and manager of several clubs of Fila, who has always been concerned about preserving the pure Fila. The cover brings the exceptional head of Fila Zabelê do Caramonã, of course from Minas Gerais, "the cradle of Fila” ... The Foreword is written by Lucena, where for the second time, the former President of BKC/CBKC admits the existence of the mixing of Filas with English Masfiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, Great Dane and even with St. Bernard.  Lucena further comments and extols the noble temperament of the pure Fila. Read also the great chapter entitled “Evolução e Preservação” [Evolution and Preservation] about Fila Brasileiro, where the author remembers the formation of Fila as created by Mother Nature, far from the wishes and whims of Men. That is, indirectly, this chapter ends with any explanation that attempts to validate the mixing comparing its result to a new product, a new line and even "... a new model of car”. This book is simply an unforgettable reading, written with a lot of knowledge and love for our Fila. Well done, Antônio Carlos! Save Minas Gerais, cradle of our Fila!
11.21a and b - Ines Van Damme, The Detective of Fila. - Ines is simply one of the most pleasant revelations I have had in the Fila .  I do not remember exactly how our first meeting was organized. I do remember that in 1994 we spent at least two entire days talking about Filas and filas (bastards) in my office. She wanted frantically to know everything and make copies of all documents.  Extremely interested and observant, in that trip her objective was very clear: she wanted to find out all truths, lies, and yet all possible versions and currents of thought on the events that had marked the Fila in the last decades in Brazil. A true “Detective of Fila”... 

Our dear Ines has Dutch and Spanish citizenship, but for sure has a great part of her heart marked forever in green and yellow (Brazilian colors flag), because of the affection and love she feels for our Fila Brasileiro. Destiny wished that when I started taking my "extended vacation", Ines started to land with full power in the Fila environment in order to mark forever, with her attitudes and two books, the history of Fila.

In her outstanding book entitled EL Grand Libro del Fila Brasileño, published in 2000 (as part of the Spanish collection that in the beginning has mandatorily the title “El Grand Libro” before the name), we found next to the magnificent text a fantastic selection of photos, many declarations of love to our , in addition to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of Ines on the History of Fila. 

In the Introduction of her book, Ines comments: "In the 70’s and 80’s, some inconsequent Brazilian ers mated the pure Fila Brasileiro with other s aiming at obtaining a more gentle character and another color. I am aware that I am here addressing a sensitive topic, especially for those ers who know what happened, but prefer to deny it. However, past cannot be denied or forgotten, since the wounds are still visible, and perhaps irreparable. As a result of the mixing in the world of Fila we have a majority of specimens affected. And apparently one has not learned enough from these sad events, since some ers still do not respect the pure type".

I assure you all that Ines’ book is an unforgettable reading for being a faithful and enjoyable narrative of facts and events that marked the last years of the history of Fila in Brazil, since it was written by an independent admirer, who came to Brazil 4 times. During these occasions she travelled hundreds of miles in our cities and roads, visiting kennels and ing farms in remote areas in Brazil. She interviewed, searched, questioned and interrogated as well. In such a manner she developed all her spontaneous and free work, without being tied to any club; later on she came to her own conclusions of the truth concerning the events of recent years in the Fila in Brazil. Next March (2.009) I believe we will see each other again. Congratulations, Ines. After my vacation of more than 12 years, I am deeply happy that, on my return, see you again and find the same passion you have for our Fila. Thank you, dear Ines, for coming this far to help in preserving the pure Cão de Fila Brasileiro.
11.22 - Email from Marilia Pentagna commenting on CAFIB, after 30 years...
11.22A - Email from Paulo Godinho commenting on Francisco Peltier and this site...
11:23 - Letter from Airton Campbell commenting the Jornal O FILA, up to this Site...

Link 12 – CAFIB-BRASIL, some comments:
CAFIB is the major center of knowledge about Cão de Fila Brasileiro. In my Comments (12.01a and 12.01.b) I tell interesting stories about the backstage of its creation. I also recommend the reading of docs. 12.6 and 12.6A, where I thank CAFIB the homage they paid to me.

Link 13 - CAFIB and the Ministry of Agriculture:
I believe that throughout this INTRODUCTION such an important subject has been quite commented. However, Jornal O Fila no. 19 ends this sad chapter in the history of BKC/CBKC.

Link 14 – CAFIB-Rio, some comments:
Very interesting, above all to know our backstage, care and attention always aiming at performing well our work. Special thanks to former Freeway Supermarket, where most of our Expo’s were held.

Link 15 – Canil CAFIBRA, some comments:
In doc’s 15.1-a, 15-1b and 15.4 you will know what has happened to me from the moment I decided to buy some Fila dogs. I am not exception: many have experienced exactly the same problems as me because of mixers and negligent managers. I also recommend the reading of doc 9.32-C on an interview I gave in 1979 to Jornal do Brasil where at that time, i.e. 29 years ago, I already stated that of the 3 dogs I bought as Filas, only one was pure Fila. Important: I’ve never rebelled or wished revenge. On the contrary, I tried to have a proactive attitude in support of Fila, its preservation and enhancement. And, between me and you, Fila deserves!

Link 16 – THE IMPORTANCE OF PRESS, some comments:
In this link you will note all the attention given to the Press. Without this important tool that helped us disclose the crimes committed against Fila, our way, I have no doubt, it would have been extremely more difficult. Hurrah for free Press! And seizing the opportunity: Abajo Hugo Chaves! Bravo Juan Carlos!



Well, friends, we are coming to an end. I’ve opened my heart always in love for Fila, but I’ve set my reason free. I’ve left my knowledge of the facts to flow to you. I am absolutely aware that I did my reports in a very faithful way. I did not deny you any information deemed important. I could not die without passing my knowledge on.

In the last 70 days I’ve worked tirelessly, when all the thorough work of this Site was conducted. I spent several nights awake, I worked holidays and weekends. Sometimes in life we fail to achieve something for being perfectionists. Certainly we lose opportunities as that surfer who is always waiting for the ideal wave. But this could not happen with this work. I’ve reread and rewritten this text many times. It was a hard job from the selection and organization of the material up to the final wording of this Site, since it was a job that only I could do.

After all, if Ibope and Data Folha (two Brazilian statistical and analyses companies) may have an error margin of 3% in the disclosure of research and much more during the counting of votes (election periods) , imagine what Chico- Peace-and-Love ... Well, friends, we all know that optimum is an enemy of good...

Well, from now on nobody will ever have the courage to lie, saying that mixing ever existed. Very important: I understand that it does not concern anyone whether a group of people decides, for whatever reason, to mate dogs of different s among them. However what we have always fought is the sale of mixs with pedigrees of Fila. So, from the beginning when I started this fight I’ve relied on people, but on their acts as mixers or negligent managers. Objective: I fought the illegal practice of falsifying pedigrees and sale of mix dogs as they were pure Fila. Therefore, I state again that I never intended to offend anyone, whether er or manager. I respect all as people. The proof is that I’ve had an open dialogue with those involved, even visiting Eugênio Henrique Pereira de Lucena at his residence.

Well, for CAFIB Fila was, is and will always be the most important thing. The rest is rest. One of the reasons for the success of CAFIB was the objectivity of performance and our focus is always on Fila. We never worried about pleasing BKC/CBKC, manager, ers of pure or mix Filas, forming private groups or making politics nor money.

CAFIB has always been concerned to do the thing as correct as possible, despite all our difficulties. Friends, independence is gold! Upon the foundation of CAFIB, BKC said we would be just another club of disgruntled ers, like so many others of various s that were founded and disappeared. Yeah, but 30 years gone ...Terrible mistake of those past managers that were unable to evaluate the profile of the founders of CAFIB. They still were accustomed to the policy of "it is in giving that one receives," exchange of favors and mercantilism as purpose. In short, these past managers did not know that CAFIB was founded by admirers of Fila, who had their jobs and professions. Nobody depended or intended to live on the sale of puppies. And more: an enormous desire to rescue Fila from extinction. Besides they did not have the capacity or humbleness to realize that CAFIB, unlike dissidents from other s, was restricted to the only Brazilian , requiring little from FCI...

In conclusion, I believe we must always keep in our memory the problems caused by mixers so that this never happens again. The evil of the mixing and uncontrolled mix is being solved by the work of ers not only from CAFIB but from CBKC in Brazil and of ers from CAFIB and FCI abroad. I’m absolutely sure that time will clean this spot in the blood of our Cão de Fila once and for all. The period of major disputes and discussions is over. Now it’s time of serenity, common sense, reflection, but always of determination. Fila deserves to be recognized and esteemed as in the past. Fila can never be owned as a commercial product and its ing understood as a factory for reproduction. Fila has always been and will be for a few. Whether on the farm or in town, above all our Fila must be admired as a true and unconditional friend. Fila is Brazilian. Therefore, we do not need the English, Neapolitan or Danish accent, or any other. We only need respect, seriousness and love for Fila from all nations. The world today has become a small Global Village. Within minutes, through the Internet all countries are updated. Information sails at large ... The lies about Fila, till then repeated by authors committed to the mixing, will finally fall one after another...

Ending, I repeat: we must think and plan the future of Fila ... After all, I am more concerned about the Future, because it is where we intend to live the next years of our lives...

Francisco José Peltier de Queiroz
Rio, December 9, 2008


Translated by Luciana Teixaira Gomes.

Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro
Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro