Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, C�o de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, C�o de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, C�o de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro
Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, C�o de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, C�o de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro

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Ask Uncle Chico #1
Date: April, 15th – 2.011

Dear Friends,

At the end of March my site completed its two years in existence, with an audited average of 3,517 page views per month, thereby continuing to provide for you all much of the documentation I have, which tells the True History of Fila Brasileiro mainly through Saga CAFIB.

Now it holds almost 1,000 documents and nearly 400 photos specifically about the Fila Brasileiro. Virtually all these documents can be accessed in their original format. Simply click on each link for each menu to feel as if you were in my office searching my files.

Even if beginning with the first known document about the Fila, dated 1942 and written by John Laraya, this site mainly covers the last 37 years, which is since 1974, when I met our Fila Brasileiro. However, this site finds itself even more focused on documents dating from 1975 until 1984, when the CAFIB (founded in 1978) was forced to take extreme measures in defense of the pure – bred Fila. This was due to systematic and illegal mix-breeding of the pure-bred Fila with dogs of other breeds, particularly the English Mastiff, the Neapolitan Mastiff and the black-coated Great Dane, as well as the total failure of the dog authorities of that time: the BKC, the CBKC and the FCI. As we know this predatory mix-breeding nearly caused the extinction of the Fila, if not for the rescue work carried out by CAFIB, thus avoiding a true crime against Brazilian Fauna! My site became very active again, providing numerous documents, articles and emails after its launch in early 2009.

In celebration of these two years of uninterrupted activity I've decided to   answer the numerous questions that were sent me over this period by hundreds of breeders and admirers of the real Fila, as well as by dozens of breeders from the fila (please, note: the fila with the small "f" = mixed-bred) that have accessed my site. In reality, I felt somehow indebted to you all, because it is very short time for which disposal to talk to so many people who write me.

So, now I begin a new section on my website that will be called "Ask Uncle Chico" whenever I have available time, I will answer your questions.

Well then, here we go:

Ask Uncle Chico #1:

1) Can use of DNA solve the problem of mixed-breeding in the Fila?
I think DNA, just as the wheel, the Internet and many other inventions of humanity are essential for human development in order to give us more certainty and quality of life. Without doubt, this is one more tool to be used. Unfortunately, in the case of the Fila, this tool can not backdate. It would be wonderful if we could see, for example, that the dog Araribóia, a mixed-bred dog from Sao Paulo that was purchased in the first half of the 1970s as an adult at the Canil dos Pampas of Rio de Janeiro, was in fact a mixed-bred resulting from illegal crossbreeding Neapolitan Mastiff and the Fila. If this fact should be proven, we could also find that Araribóia, as well as hundreds of his descendants, including BKC-CBKC-FCI champions, would possess the blood [genes] of the Neapolitan Mastiff. Why can't we have this evidence? Because nobody knows with absolute certainty where the remains of Araribóia lie and we have no available the genetic profile of the Neapolitan Mastiff or Fila.

The need to properly collect DNA is so important that last month the Justice of Rio de Janeiro authorized the exhumation of the body of  a very famous Brazilian singer called Tim Maia, for a paternity test, even though his children were willing to hand in their own material in order to avoid exhumation of the body of the singer.

Therefore I find it very funny when I read claims that the DNA of the deceased Filas from the first decades; the 50's and 60's, can be collected, whose pedigrees are recorded in the Records of defunct Kennel Club Paulista (KCP)... After all, my friends, this statement is really hilarious, as it tries to convince us that the KCP, besides the paper where the name and affiliation of several Filas (pedigrees), samples of hair, saliva and blood of each of these dogs have also been archived for 60 years (!!!) 

Now, my friends, if someone is even at the KCP practicing this nonsense the "DNA" of the old typewriter Olliveti used in typing these pedigrees may also be collected, then...  Please do not be fooled. Research, study, read and educated yourselves.

On the other hand --- and this is the most important point of my response, because it is here to produce future solutions to problems that were created in Fila breed by unscrupulous breeders who practiced cross breeding and missing leaders from BKC-CBKC-FCI who allowed this mixed-breeding to carry on without control --- through some Brazilian Veterinary doctors and researchers of in the states of MG and SP, I have been accompanying of the evolution of the employment and trends of animal DNA, as mentioned above it will be restricted to the present and to the future. I was informed that there is a stream of scientists who believe that each canine breed has its unique genetic profile. Some claim that the genetic profile of the Fila is already defined, but anyway, we should wait until the profiles of the English Mastiff, the Neapolitan Mastiff and Great-Dane are also traced, to obtain the correct comparison and separation of pure-bred animals from the cross-bred. Others say that we do not have the genetic profile of Fila, because to obtain it must collect these data at least 20% of the existing exemplars, which would require much time and many resources.

Hopefully I'm wrong, but I think the high financial cost will be major impediment for too long in order for us to properly use the excellent tool called DNA [mapping].
That DNA will be a very useful tool in the future, we have no doubt. It remains for us therefore, to wait for the scientists and researchers to continue their serious work, especially with regard to data collection, because if the genetic profiles are collected from wrong sources, all this work of identification by DNA is compromised, just causing further confusion among the breeders.

2) Don't the disputes between Fila breeders having different opinions, besides the existence of crossbreds, cause a divide in the Fila Breed?
Well, yes and no, since there are two different thoughts for this question.
a) Yes, it would be very good for the Fila breed if all breeders would carry on with their dog breeding harmoniously under the same club. The recognition and respect for the Fila in Brazil and abroad would be much greater. The Fila would surely gain more admirers. Unfortunately, the dog authorities of that time (between1970 and 1984) allowed the mixed-breeding to occur and even awarded many of those exemplars. They did not show due attention to the numerous complaints and to evidence submitted by CAFIB (see more details and several links in response # 10, below).

b) No, what is the benefit in having in only one club all Fila breeders, all fila breeders  (filas with small "f" = mix-breeds) and breeders of a new type of dog that recently I started calling Brazilian Mastiff?

Why include mixed-bred dogs, dogs that do not fit the Standard, those that are not homogeneous in conformation and those that do not have control and improvement methods as the CAR (Certificate of Approval for Reproduction) necessary for breeding in a single club? Why keep dogs which have participated in the rigorous Analysis of CAFIB together in one club in with mixed-bred dogs, atypical dogs and those outside the Standard?
In fact, there is nothing to aggregate because they are different dogs. I also believe that healthy competition and comparison of thought, content, arguments and breeding philosophy in a respectful manner are useful to resolve and clarify doubts. Therefore, every admirer of the Fila breed, the fila (crossbred) and the Brazilian Mastiff can make their choice freely. People are free to choose their dogs as well as to disseminate their thoughts.

I am convinced that with the wide dissemination of the True History of the Fila Brasileiro, more and more breeders will become aware of that breed crossbred pedigree and eventually adopt the breeding Philosophy of CAFIB.

3) I read an Article that stated what is relevant for the Fila breed is improving its guarding and stock-driving qualities. Do you agree with this?
I disagree completely. For the Fila, as with any breed, improvement should have the objective of approaching ever so closely to the breed standard and as a whole. All characteristics are important, phenotype as well as characteristics of temperament.

Many dogs, including crossbreeds and mutts may be excellent guardians of property and cow-dogs. Therefore, if this theory were correct, there would be no need for the dog to be Fila.

It seems more like a subliminal technique of trying to exert influence and afterward convince gullible breeders that all dogs are basically a great mixed bag, no different from huge jumble ... Want to take the test? Try to convince a European breeder of any breed of this nonsense ...

4) What could you comment on an article I read, which someone tried to prove the existence of the so-called "black fila" saying, in a very flippant and superficial manner, that Brazil is a tropical country and that the predominant color of pigment found in Brazilian primates is black?
What's this? Are you sure about this nonsense? Or is this just a very bad joke? Otherwise, is there a scientist that will undersign this thesis? Forget this nonsense ... Thank God and Nature Brazilians were graced with thousands of colorful animals ... Moreover, as the humorous Pedro Borotti, a CAFIB breeder from São Paulo said: "If you see a black macaw,  be suspicious ... "

5) It is true that the black coat color was introduced into the Fila breed in the decade of 1970 through the cross-breeding of pure Filas with black Great Danes and black  Neapolitan Mastiffs?
Yes. Those days the Great Danes were better known in Brazil by the name of Dinamarques [Danish dogues].  That`s the reason why I created the derogatory nickname for them:  "filamarques" [fila + dinamarques]. Please deepen your knowledge about the so-called "black fila" as non Pure-Fila, consulting the link where you'll find several articles proving the absence of such coat color:

6) I was informed that in the CAFIB Expo held in March 2010 in Amparo (SP) the Best Male owned by the Uruguayan Daniel Balsas and that said Filas was a "very dark brindle, almost black".  I wonder if this is true, as this information might try to induce the reader to believe that the CAFIB accepts dogs having black coat?
That information is totally wrong. Perhaps out of sheer malice. The Best Male of the Amparo expo was Lohan III do Amparo, owned by Pedro Borotti, a 30 year veteran CAFIB breeder and the Best Female was Iracema Piedras do Afilar, owned by Daniel Balsas from Uruguay (*). Please observe that both dogs are yellow. Just read and see the photos in the Brazilian magazine Cães & Cia. ( ). As I said in answer # 1 above, please, do your research, study, read and educate yourselves. Do not be fooled by lies or even by half-truths.
Please note: I write, explain and prove my arguments with documents. Therefore some pseudo-fila breeders are afraid of me...

(*) The Uruguayan Daniel Balsas is a typical Cafibian: his breeding kennel began with 8 crossbred dogs (filas) acquired mainly in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Upon learning this fact he spayed and neutered all these dogs, then burning their pedigrees. As a result of his love for the real Fila, he restarted opting for CAFIB Philosophy ... This is the greatest example to follow. Forget all these unjustified claims against CAFIB based only on the misrepresentation of the Truth.

7) Do you believe that a lie repeated often enough becomes truth?
No. Only if readers are, please excuse me: stupid. Indeed, very stupid.
8) Do you believe that a club that calls itself specialized in the Fila Breed can achieve any practical result in the preservation and improvement of dogs within their Standard without properly using a tool CAR (Certificate of Approval for Reproduction)?
No. No way!

I am absolutely convinced that a club that doesn't have serious control and selection of their breeding pool, rigidly in place, similar to the CAFIB Analysis or even an honest CAR, is an absolute waste of time regarding the breeding of the Fila Brasileiro.

The breeders of these clubs will never reach an objective. Any breeder of these clubs that has real Filas, their breeding gene pool massacred by the mixed-bred, atypical and out-of-standard exemplars, due to uncontrolled crossings that occur. All their efforts will be lost and their work will be leveled down to the "genetic-salad-type" dog (see ).

I firmly believe that today the only selection of the Fila breed occurs through the Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament of CAFIB, which we expect in the near future would be accompanied by new discoveries in animal genetics. But please remember as recently pondered Airton Campbell, current chairman of CAFIB: DNA is a useful tool, but for some time yet not be able to detect whether the "gait of a camel" will be present, whether prognathism will be present, if proper dewlaps will be present, if legs will be short, if  there will be high insertion of the ears, if the figure will be square,  legs high, with long neck, gigantic, tending to square, with straight back and the front higher than the croup, among many other features. Nor do we know if the nervous system will be weak, if the dog is fearful, not present "ojeriza", etc.

Therefore, without the re-introduction of strict quality control (like CAR) in its breeding, away from politics and patronage, no Fila Brasileiro breeder club will be successful. But remember,  this will not be easy because the club heads are subservient to the interests of CBKC-FCI and are actually against the re-establishment of a CAR, as this cleansing action eliminates many fila (please always remember: small "f" = mixed-bred) in favor of the true-bred Fila, which certainly displeases the CBKC-FCI, since for both the more filas the more registrations. The more records, more revenue ...

9) In spite of your writings being always very consistent, always following a logical line of reasoning, with a beginning, middle and end and, often, attaching documents on your site that substantiate your words, I often read that you would not be able to write about the Fila for not being a breeder. As I do not agree with this absurd and silly statement, I wonder what you would have to comment on this?

In all fields of human activity the act of surveying historical data is critical to understanding and preserving history. Whoever cannot understand this fact is person disconnected from reality.

We should not fear history neither its documents.  Fortunately, the age of the Inquisition or the Nazi's burning books has ended. For one to change his mind it often means recognizing and embracing the Truth. This is a procedure that should be commended. After all, why insist on breeding the fila (please remember this: the fila with a small "f"= mixed-bred) when you can breed a true Fila?

Recently, a fila breeder tried to downplay my site. Despite him having sought one, he found no solid argument against it, he faintly screamed from the top of his ignorance: "Chico, was never a breeder!" As if this would render null and void my work as a researcher and historian.
Therefore, I'm glad you do not collude with the ideas of pseudo-breeder of filas that have not yet awakened to the fact that:
- Many judges and dog club officials were never breeders;
- Many sports historians, sports publishers and sports critics have never set foot in a lawn, field, rink, court, track or swimming pool;
- Many art historians, publishers and art critics have never carved, painted, sculpted, danced or sang;
- Most researchers, journalists, biographers and historians have never experienced the events they narrated.

These fila breeders try to disqualify me at all costs, and fail. At the same time, in private, they request more and more documents from me in a deep incoherence. But I understand this request because, in fact, they want to learn more  ---  but in a hidden sort of way --- about the true Fila. It's like dating at a platonic distance... Deep down inside their subconscious they think, "Gee, the CAFIB-Fila are sure authentic and genuine, typical and homogeneous. One day I'll have one. But, alas, how do if I like the filas I have in my kennel more ...?"

Keep in mind that I still hold a few dozen never seen before and unpublished documents in my possession. My "magic sleeve" is enormous. Example: a few days ago I sent Paulo Godinho a revealing written form issued by the Kennel Club Paulista (SP), dated 1950 on the Parnapuan breeding establishment. This document proves once again the enormous error or bad faith of the Procopio do Valle trying to change the reality of the facts in a desperate attempt to validate his invention: the so-called "black fila".

Paulo Godinho (also known as the "Walking Encyclopedia" because of his vast knowledge and culture about the Fila, fila and all other breeds, among other matters) has an exceptional collection of information, documents and photos. I'm sure that soon he will edit the book "Fila, A Gift from the Stars", also  donating to us this important material for the History of Fila. Incidentally,  my dear Paulo Godinho is also an excellent historian, journalist, judge and connoisseur and All Rounder judge who has never been a breeder... After all, he had only three litters of Miniature Pinscher, at the Canil Bang Bang in 1969…

In fact, please take note, the likely next president of the FCI is not breeder ...

This illustrates my thesis well; that this pseudo-breeder, (also known as Supplicant No. 3 ) mentioned above when confronted with such irrefutable truths present in my site, is so completely bewildered and that he timidly tries to invent a reason to neutralize so many truths contained in my site,  at least a little bit.

I've talked to some fila breeders Portugal, Italy and Brazil who said they had new and important documents about the Fila-and fila. Unfortunately, despite this assertion, nothing has been presented or release on their sites…

But the real issue is not weather I am a breeder or not. It does not matter. This is just an attempt to fool you or it could be pure stupidity, even. What matters is, the documents submitted by me to prove mixed-breeding, conclusively, among others are the two confessions of former President of the BKC and CBKC, Eugenio Pereira de Lucena and Procopio of Valle's (a.k.a. the "Father of black-fila") confession, are they true or not? Are they forged or not. From this fact the heirs and defenders of mixed breeding flee desperately... Because are all my site documents, substantiating what I am affirming, one by one.

Finally, in my view, the lack of "logic" of the texts found in many of my opponents (of ideas rather than personal opponents, as I must always point out), might be caused by two possibilities: the inability of the authors that are still in favor of the pro-mixed-breeding theories, correctly concocting their ideas and expressing themselves clearly or ---  beware: just a ploy to confuse and deceive the unsuspecting and gullible ... Therefore, I always say: research, study, read and educate yourselves. The true Fila worth !

Note 1: If you want to learn more about the Chico --- the Breeder --- and the history of my kennel, where I began my struggle to preserve the pure-bred Fila, just as we had  inherited it from Mother Nature, please click and .

Note 2: If I had written that mixed-breeding had never existed and that CAFIB had not rescued the breed from extinction, surely Supplicant 3 would have idolized me ...

10) Why are some breeders still insist upon saying that both Paulo Santos Cruz and  CAFIB should have taken the BKC-CBKC-FCI to Court?

Indeed, I also think this silly insistence is funny. I have already answered this in item 3 of my article . But these pseudo-breeders are insisting upon this argument, which is illogical as its best. I think that these supplicants-breeders believe in question # 7 above ("a lie repeated often enough becomes truth ...", remember ?). Now, if they think we should have gone to Court, I wonder why they didn't? After all, the reverse is also true... These fila breeders, in their eagerness to defend the mixed-bred dogs, who are in their kennels, forget that they, their clubs and even CBKC-BKC-FCI could also have gone to Court against CAFIB. Why didn't they? Why not pursue legal action against Cafib for illegally maintaining and updating records in registry books, misrepresentation, defamation and slander?

My reply:
a) first because we always speak the truth and keep our books and records according to our regulations;
b) then because I think that, like us, the leaders of the BKC-CBK-FCI understood and still understand that this pending that has lasted 34 years within the breed resolved amongst clubs and at the shows, not in Court;
c) Why is it that they don't take the initiative they wish the CAFIB take? This is something no-one can give me an answer to; I think they don't even know why.

For that reason, I am led to believe that this breeder who spends his life repeating for this legal action, but  not putting it in practice, which in the past I have called Supplicant #1, is only "preaching to the choir"... Foolishly ...

Let me take this opportunity to add more detail to my article mentioned above. Given that the practice and actions of the CAFIB and how we  think, speak and write, contrary to the breeders of these filas who talk, talk, but act the opposite, relate below some of the CAFIB documents addressed to BKC-CBKC-FCI and the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. These documents prove that the believes that CAFIB our differences should be resolved in clubs and on shows. Not the Courts.

 - on May, 20th.1.978, CAFIB sent a letter to the Kennel Club Paulista (KCP-SP), signed by 15 Fila breeders denouncing the Best in Show fila of the 145th General (National) of BKC Expo had evidence of crossbreeding with English Mastiff and thus requested the results be revoked and other actions taken ( );

- on Jul,10th. 1.978, CAFIB sent a letter to BKC on the same topic above (please click );

- on Aug, 3rd. 1.978 I sent my written accusation, known as the "Open Letter from London", to the BKC and FCI recounting all the details so far known about the cross-breeding within the Fila Breed (please click );
- In November 1979 in the CAFIB newspaper O FILA # 12, CAFIB published a list [ known as the Big List ] of dogs names who did not fit into the BKC Standard (please click (  );   

- on Jul, 17th.1.979 CAFIB sent an Open Letter named "Violence Against the Pure-bred Fila " to the BKC (please click );

- on Jun. 17th. 1.979, CAFIB sent to BKC a 4 page letter containing information about mixed-breeding along with admissions from Procopio do Valle in regards to it and requested action be taken within 20 days otherwise the CAFIB would remove itself from the BKC-FCI system. (Please click ).

- on Dec, 13th.1.979 CAFIB sent  a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture exposing the reality of the Fila breed, requesting actions be taken, asking for the registration of the Fila breed (which until then had not been done by the incredibly forgotten BKC)
 and its genealogical control (please click  );

- on Apr, 23rd. 1.980 the Ministry of Agriculture responded by meeting the demands of CAFIB with a decree by the Minister published in the Brazilian Official Newspaper (please click );

- Note if you want to know more about this subject, please click ;
- In June 1980 the CAFIB newspaper O FILA # 19 published the whole episode about the Fila Breed at the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (please click );

In conclusion, the CAFIB always followed their thoughts and sent their complaints to the BKC-CBKC and the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. I always forwarded mine to the BKC-BKC-FCI. Therefore, if a breeder really believes he should go to the Courts, so then he should go. And stop trying to intimidate and make noise without any foundation ... Nobody's afraid of a pseudo-breeder that barks, barks, but does not "fila" ... (Michaelis Dictionary: fila = hold and grab [bite] with the teeth.

My friends, these were the first ten "Uncle Chico's" answers
I hope some of these readers through my answers became aware that fila will never be real Fila. No use staying in a pseudo-fila-breeding, pretending to breed a fiction Fila. If you really like their crossbred line, why not organize them and breed  the correct Brazilian Mastiff? On the other hand, if you guys want to breed a real Fila, CAFIB`s door is always open for you all.

I apologize that there are still many questions to be answered. But I promise to always have that free time, continue answering to all of you.

Regards, Chico Peltier.
Translated by Ligia Morris, Costume Designer & Fila breeder – Canil Boiadeiro do Jatobá (MG – Brazil).




Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, C�o de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro
Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, C�o de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, C�o de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro