Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro
Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro

My email exchange with an American Fila Brasileiro
er,  Mrs. Maria Roosevelt, without the undesirable
apparition of João Batista do Valle e Monte Cruel ... and the position always distant and neglectful of the FCI that never took note about the complaints of miscegenation made even by the former president of CBKC

Subject: its placement and information on my work in Forum ...
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009
I'm very grateful.
But, I mean, really grateful!
It is very good to browse your Forum, as I just did and I see part of my work mentioned, discussed and acknowledged. Even more so because this has been a labor of love and dedication for so many years. As such has  faced the powers people of that time... Mary, did you know that I started this situation  practically alone, 33 years ago?
I will be 59 years old in a few weeks.
It does good for my spirit, to look back and review my twenties... At that time, Miranda, Lucena, Joao Batista and his friends thought that I was only a young dreamer who wanted to fix the world. They believed that Time would destroy me. But instead, I was already convinced in 1976, along with Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz that we had to create an independent club  outside of the range of influence of BKC / CBKC.

That was over than 30 years ago, Mary.
This club became the CAFIB. I am convinced that it if not for the work of CAFIB, especially its founders, the Fila would simply no longer exist. Believe me: the Fila would no longer be among us today ... Probably it would have become just a huge and heavy molosser or have another "type" that would be more "thinner” like the Great Dane and, of course,  black ...No longer would we find that typically Brazilian style, that swagger, the movement in the hips, that "borogodó" (Brazilian idiomatic expression, an alliteration that translates into rhythm and swagger)... We would find a lot of English, Neapolitan or Danish accent.
Mary,  in Brazil, 70% of new firms close before 3 years in operation ... Despite that, CAFIB will complete 31 years in existence this year ...

I remember my first trip to meet our dear Paulo Santos Cruz, who was distanced from club ing in Brazil. Imagine that the man who had been the great teacher of all the judges of that era, including even Mr. Miranda and Mr. Lucena (former presidents of the BKC / CBKC) and which had been a er of  Dobermans, GSDs, Doberman Pinschers and organized the Fila Brasileiro , had placed himself in a self-exile for being tired of the politics of the BKC ... When he heard my story and my ponderation about cross-ing, he looked deeply into my eyes and said: - "It is precisely for this reason that I had departed from the politics of the dog fancy and the clubs ... However, something must be done ... They must not destroy the Fila, this marvelous "...  I confess that it was not so difficult to convince him to return to the fight by showing what unscrupulous people were doing with the  Brazilian . The that, among many, with his vast knowledge of canines, Paulo chose as the best. Some time later, when I “introduce” to him the "black-fila", he was already part of the "front-line" of combat. A  true Marshal of CAFIB ... You know, Maria, I thought he was a doctor because he spoke and wrote about canine anatomy with tremendous resourcefulness, but he was a lawyer and more than that, a passionate man, which along with  “Aunt” Antonieta had a passion for the  CÃO de FILA BRASILEIRO !!!... “Aunt” Antonieta Santos Cruz, her wife,  was the real er and "Master" at the  Parnapuan Kennel ...

I also remember  Paulo Roberto Godinho, the judge and journalist from the Jornal do Brasil. Till this day he is a good friend of mine. The first person besides Paulo Santos Cruz and just as important, to listen to my complaints. Furthermore, he invited me to write articles in the Animal and Veterinary Magazine. Paulo Godinho, the man who had the courage to select  me as the "Brazilian Cynophile of the Year in 1976", not because of the dogs born at my CANIL CAFIBRA (my kennel`s name) which only produced 3 litters, and was closed in 1.977, but as a result of the denouncement  I made ... Incredible! Judge Paulo Godinho was and is an all-rounder judge, he loves (and loved) to judge dogs. The Lucena's tried to intimidate him, but did not succeed ... Paulo was and is a free Man, attached to his conscience only, a man who does not compromise his integrity and did not sell out to the "establishment" of that time.

I remember Airton Campbell,  CAFIB's first president, my eternal "telephone-link" to CAFIB. Specially after Dr. Paulo's death. I remember Américo Cardoso, who wore pleated pants and rolled-up shirt sleeves at the track during the Cafib`s Analysis of Phenotypic and Temperament... The cross-bred dogs shook, and even in home turf, the mixed-ers were scared to death. I remember our tireless Luis Antônio Maciel, responsible  by all the issues of the magnificent "O Fila" Boletin. Some time later, I remember the agitated Fernando Zanetti Coeli, which like a hurricane joined the CAFIB crew, always ready to perform a Temperament Test which  jump-started the CAFIB. I think he also was President once. I also remember in our good man from Bahia,  Antônio Silva Lima,  our calm former president. Also our dear friend and super lawyer José Souto Maior Borges, the real "roar" of the Fila and CAFIB in northeastern Brazil, my "accomplice" to date. Also,  our skillful General Arthur Verlangeri from Minas Gerais, the land of the Fila, who broke with the BKC in 1.979. I even remember our quick and always reliable journalist of the Estadão Newspaper, Antonio Carvalho Mendes,  above all an eternal Lacerda fan (one of the most charismatic  Brazilian politicians), always ready to defend the CAFIB and condemn cross-ing. I remember the "cuties" of CAFIB, Rose, Cleide, Cilena, Tereza... The strong women of CAFIB that just as Aunt Antonieta (Santos Cruz), in fact took care of their kennels and offspring.
The dear folks from CAFIB-Rio come to mind,  Carlos Feijó, Antonio Silva Lima, Vicencio Lomba Lima, Gustavo Ribas and many others ... I remember Ibrahim Sued, the journalist and creator of the social column in Brazil, which always supported and plugged the CAFIB. He even lent his name to the CAFIB-Rio prize called the "Best Temperament - Ibrahim Sued Trophy". I think of the "Guará" crew, our dear city of Guaratinguetá (SP), in the person of the late Sebastian Monteiro, also known as "The Tractor". A nickname affectionately given to him by our Paulo Godinho, as well as  "Thunder Mouth" for  Jonas Iacovantuano. I remember the crew from Varginha (MG) with Iliano at  the fore-front ... More recently I remember of our current President Carlos do Amaral Cintra Filho, our dear and famous Caico ... Finally I remember our dear friend Christofer Habig from Germany, always strong and active questioning CBKC and defending the pure-Fila together with the publication Molosser Magazine. Ah Mary, my friend there are many, sweet and good memories ...

You know Mary, is very good to look back, and take stock of our decisions and choices throughout our life and, 35 years later,  reach the conclusion that  “I DID THE RIGHT THING”.
On an Orkut Group message board, a person by the name of Arthur felt that I "... bring  important journalistic baggage from TV Manchete..." I was never a journalist. My ex-wife worked at  TV Manchete. Do you know what this baggage that Arthur understands so well is? It is the baggage of Truth! My friend, it is easier to tell the truth ... The true History of the Fila Brasileiro that some ones still today try to hide, avoid, assume ....
Have you ever thought that the most fantastic story (note, I do not  use  "history", but "story" which in Portuguese means legend and fairy tale...) and nonsense was made up and will continue to be made up by Joao Batista do Valle Monte Cruel to justify the unjustifiable? Perhaps to justify the crimes committed? Or mixed ing performed without any control or record?  Falsification of pedigrees? The search for easy profit? Maybe for the invention of the black coat color, which did not exist for the Fila. However it was invented and sold at high prices as if it were rare? So many inventions and half-truths like the Theory of Terceirence, the Theory of the Fort Race Dog during the period of the colonizer called Maurice de Nassau.  Theory that Mr. Chalmers's poor black dog  Zulu, which to Mr. Procópio Valle was proof of  former existence of black coat in the Fila, but to Mr. Chalmers, the great er and  owner of Filas himself, it was a mutt. The fact is, Mr. Chalmers recorded with his own handwriting on the back of Zulu's photo... However, the discovery of more fraud commited in an attempt to validate the black color coat in the Fila, was unmasked by the great thinkers and researchers of the history of the Fila Brasileiro, in the person of  the Dutch er who resides in Spain, who authored two excellent books about the Fila Brasileiro; our dear Ines Van Damme. Conclusion: Is one of the greatest strengths of the propaganda tool of the so-called "black-fila" (filamarques),  nothing but a mutt? Mr. Procopio do Valle's Zulu does not exist, it is a myth! They made it up. Even the story does not compute. The circle does not close ... The evidence refutes it... You know why, Maria?  Because it is false!
You know what Mary? Because the facts have a life of their own and in recent years, a life of their own on the  web ... Control-free from liars or cons and their half-truths ... It is interesting to examine the web, this tool that can be both used in an attempt to ruin the real Fila and CAFIB and even more so,  to discredit our work while covering up their criminal past. Today it is with this same tool  that we are beginning to use against them ...

Prepare yourself: I will soon be putting up a demolisher project on my site. I repeat: demolisher. Just you wait. (note: I refer here to my work entitled “What do you prefer?” - - which I released on my website at Aug, 3rf. 2.009, since this exchange of email is actually dated July, 11th.2009). I am a new-comer to the  web and its artifacts. I had never navigated in ORKUT groups, nor entered into the discussion forums ... I have learned much in recent months since the CAFIB honored me last August with a plaque naming me "Father of CAFIB”. However I always say, this title is more than I deserve, because without the staff of the São Paulo CAFIB this dream of ours, saving and improving  the Fila,  would not have taken place.

I recognize that my site is a great source of documents. But it is big, very big. Most people are too lazy to read it all and learn ... In my new project, several pages can be read, seen and absorbed in 5, 10 minutes ... Big Bang. Pure pragmatism! Wait and see... (I mean, “What do You Prefer ?”)

I am not aware of any dog , internationally recognized by the FCI  which has suffered such a devastating cross-ing attack. At that time, only Germany's Chris Habig pronounced himself in our favor. Now I remember, when in mid-1979, while working in London, I went to a Dog Show in the city of Essen in Germany invited by Chris, to close ties between the Fur Molosser Club and CAFIB (just click Precisely in Germany the first country to import our Fila, from who? That's right: Paulo Santos Cruz ...
Meanwhile Mary, to my surprise after 35 years to date of our denouncement and evidence, and also a lot of excellent work done by CAFIB staff, we never even got a single phone call from FCI authorities about this. These same authorities who often came to Brazil judge, sightseeing and collect the dividends of the royalties paid by CBKC. Incredibly we have not received a single question, or inquiry from the FCI ... I have never understood how the world body which is responsible for the control of almost the entire canine ing practices of the world could ignore us for so long and  disregarding its own Regulations that only allow FCI to register purebred dogs.

The FCI mistakenly insists on the policy of hiding the problems of the Cão de Fila Brasileiro under the rug... How long will the FCI continue to keep this artifice and this short-sighted policy? Mary, even after 35 years of complaints; after the creation of CAFIB and its affiliated Clubs  in Brazil and in the USA (New York and New Jersey);  Spain and Czech Republic; not a single representative of the FCI has checked out or investigated our questions and accusations; even if informally. Absolutely nothing has been done by the multinational corporation called FCI, which is responsible for controlling the genealogy of the dog s and clubs affiliated to it. Moreover, the FCI earns money and profits by registering fees for Fila Brasileiros throughout the World! Think about this: the international organization called  FCI is not interested in preserving a which it holds the world's Genealogical Control of! The same FCI which in its Statute states that it registers pure-bred dogs in their Stud Book, is tainted with cross-bred dogs... This is just a total counter-sense! How can leaders of the FCI close theirs eyes to this attack to a canine that they control, for over 30 years ? Believe me Mary, new generations will come, new leaders will join the FCI, bringing open- mindedness, high spirits and commitment to Truth into a new administration. Furthermore, their hearts will be crying out for justice and willingness to redeem the failures of the past. When these changes finally occur, the  FCI will stop its lethargy, inertia and apathy and at least the Fila Brasileiro will partake in a  more real and less bureaucratic world, in which ing in kennels and farms are more important than stamping and signing  papers in heated or air conditioned offices, while wearing beautiful Armani suits... Just as when the founder of Sony, Mr. Akio Morita's auto-biography, he tells us that during a lecture at UCLA (Californian University) he compared Japanese technicians working in greasy,  dirty overalls inside Sony's factories in Japan, to American lawyers who worked in suits and ties, in air conditioned offices, in reality creating problems for themselves to solve...

Please Maria note that FCI always maintained a  distant and neglectful position from the Fila Brasileiro and never took note about the complaints of miscegenation made even by the former president of Eugenio CBKC Mr. Henrique Pereira de Lucena.
Well Maria, thanks for bringing to my mind many years of great memories from a time far gone ... Maria, as hard and difficult as it was, it was also good to have been open and honest to have let go of my crossbred dogs called  Dumas and Basa dos Pampas and which I loved so much. Also, and closed my kennel at the end of 1977, my ex-sister-in-law's  Amim Dada of Cafibra, even before CAFIB’s foundation. (would you please click and see  and That meant stopping my ing activities less than two years after it started and  having preferred walking beside the real Fila Brasileiro, always looking towards its preservation and improvement, while respecting Brazilian Fauna and Mother Nature that gave us the legacy of the Fila Brasileiro and finally, the ing Philosophy of our Mentor Paulo Santos Cruz.

Finally, Maria: You know something?
It's good to say: -- "I would do it all over again if I had to ..."
With a strong and loving regards,
Chico Peltier.
Rio, July, 11th. 2009.


Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro
Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro