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Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro, Chico Peltier, Francisco Peltier, Cão de Fila Brasileiro Fila, CAFIB - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro

My Email Exchange  with the European Fila Brasileiro

er Mr. Peter Good Faith and the Sudden

Appearance of João Batista do Valle e Monte Cruel ...


At exactly 3.204 visits to date, i.e., June 8th. 2009, the site I authored and developed,,  has received  hundreds of congratulatory emails and only 2 questioning emails. Those were not about the site itself nor the almost 600 pages and images of documentation, plus nearly 100 photos made available by me. These two questions were ultimately directed at CAFIB because they criticized a judge and a dog, both from CAFIB, However, for being extremely inconsistent and subjective, I easily answered them myself. Interestingly, both came from France.

However, this site received  a very polite and intelligent email from a fila er from a European country, asking that I no longer forward him news about Filas and filas (just a reminder:  as I said and use the small

"f" = mix-bred dogs on my site), because he had a different view of on the subject of the Brazilian Fila.

Realizing that I knew  him of his web site, as I had navigated his site several times, I responded to him by asking whether he was the er I was wondering, which I shall name Mr. John Good Faith, owner of Good Faith Kennel. Also, I told him that coincidentally, I was to visit his country on a business trip next September and that I would like to meet him to talk about the Fila dog.

From this moment you will be able to read; with few modifications how this exchange of information about different ideas and concepts took place, however always in an educated and high level manner. Please remember that his real name, kennel name, and the cities of the country mentioned were changed.

Email Exchange as follows:

----- Original Message -----
From: Peter Good Faith
To: 'fbcp2009'
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:44 AM
Subject: RE: - over 2300 visitors!

Good morning, I would like to stop receiving these emails in my inbox.
Thank you for understanding. Peter Good Faith


----- Original Message -----
From: fbcp2009 [mailto:]
Sent: 2009-05-14 12:25
To: Peter Good Faith
Subject: Re: - over 2300 visitors!

Good morning, Mr. Good Faith

I'm  assuming that you are the owner of Good Faith Kennel.
If that is so, I'd like inform you that I know of your kennel  through your
website and that  I will be visiting your country late next September
for about a week, staying at a friends home in the city  of "New Hope".

I would like to meet you. It this possible?
Is the Good Faith Kennel very far from "New Hope"? What's the approximate distance and how many hours away is it?

Very Grateful,

Francisco Peltier.


----- Original Message -----
From: Peter Good Faith
To: 'fbcp2009'
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 1:35 PM

Subject: RE: reply ...

Dear Mr. Francis Peltier,

Surely I will like to meet you and welcome you here. My kennel
is about 4 hours away from the city "New Hope". In any case, if
you come on a weekend, you can stay at my house where I have the kennel and travel back on the next day.

To be honest, I find it strange that you would like to know my dogs. Even now I just got an email from someone in Brazil, the name of Mr. João Batista do Valle e Monte Cruel, saying that my dogs were mixed-bred. Afterward, he sent me a link to your site in order to read that what he said was true.

Anyway, as I had said, it would be a pleasure to welcome you here. Absolutely, you will have many stories of filas to share and it's always good to know everything from both sides .

Regards, Peter Good Faith.



----- Original Message -----
From: fbcp2009
To: Mr. Peter Good Faith
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 5:26 PM
Subject: answering to your last email

Dear Mr. Peter  Good Faith,

Very grateful for your last email. I was very happy to receive your
invitation,  not only to visit your kennel but to stay there overnight.
It was really very kind of you.

Please see some comments below .

1. My visit to your country and your Kennel:
First of all, thank you for your invitation. I was very happy to receive it. However, I had not imagined that "New Hope City" was so distant from your Kennel. What happens is I've had cervical spine surgery and I am a "candidate" for one more in the lumbar area ... Which means, this problem has prevented me from making long car journeys, like over 2 hours. On the other hand, I have to spend the weekend of the 19th and 20th of September in the Capital of your Country, because I'm going to a meeting

with an engineering firm from your country, which its Brazilian subsidiary was recently acquired by a friend of mine here in Rio de Janeiro.

Peter, your narrative brought me the memory of the beginning of my Kennel in 1974. It was called CAFIBRA, which also was far from my residence approximately 60 minutes by car, in a neighborhood called Sepetiba, here in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately I terminated  my alleged ing activities less than two years later and even before the foundation of CAFIB. Because out of the threedogs that I acquired from Pampas Kennel only one female was a pure-bred Fila. Therefore,
The Cafibra Kennel terminated its activities at the end of 1977. On Jan. 3rd,  1978, I went to work in London, where I lived for two years. My pure female Fila Zorra remained in my ex-father-in-law's house,  but the other two were sent back to Pampas Kennel. The fila that belonged to my ex-sister-in-law was given to friends who owned a farm in Campos-RJ. If possible,  Peter, please visit my Site under Kennel Cafibra Link , docs 15.1a and 15.1b.

So, if you find our meting  interesting, I will contact you in the beginning of  September before my trip and perhaps we might find an alternative to meet personally, alright?

2. The Brazilian er named Mr. João Batista do Valle e Monte Cruel:
I do not have the slightest idea who is this gentleman called João Batista do Valle e Monte Cruel  (fictitious name) who sent you emails criticizing your ing. As for me, I've always sought a direct channel of communication with ers, regardless of their preferences. I sent my site address directly to more than 1,700 addresses around the world. One of the few bad things about the web  is that anyone can create an email address, or website and orkut profile and send documents and ideas without proper proof of who is actually the sender.

3. Peter, allow me, also, a few more comments:

3.1. Answering your email, my commentary about my wanting to meet you:  I've always had an interest in knowing, both in my professional life , as well as in the specific  case of the Fila, my companies competitors, and also ers who think differently from me, respectively. My standpoint is that  we are all serious and honest people and therefore we
have full right to defend our thoughts, as distinct and disparate as they may be. I never had  an enemy in ideas, but opponents. However, I know that some people take my thoughts personally. For those, I regret there is really nothing I can do.

3.2. Conflicting thoughts:
I do not know if you've read some parts of my site because, at different times, mainly in the Introduction, I mention the fact that I've been away from the Fila World almost totally and by just over 10 years. The reason for my return and the completion of my old dream of providing great part of my documentation in a book which today is on a Site, due to the fact that this past August,  CAFIB, on its 30 year celebration of its foundation, honored me with a plaque, which named me the "Father of CAFIB". I believe this commendation to be a greater tribute than I really deserve ... Without the crew from São Paulo, the CAFIB simply would not exist. Please, visit the link under Cafib, Brazil, 12.6 docs 6a on my site
In other words Peter, even  having been away, I was always a fan of the debate of ideas, as long as it were  honest, frank, open and polite. I firmly believe that from this healthy, and again, honest confrontation we all can gain.

I believe this because of my clear and objective viewpoint in respecting antagonistic thoughts and natural way of being, from the beginning, though very young and at only 24 years; I've always had the doors open for me and often talked to the heads of the BKC and the most important
representatives of the pro-mixed-ing agenda, namely:

                      a) - Oscar Miranda, who lived in Belo Horizonte - MG
and was the President of the BKC when mixed ing initiated started, almost without awareness of any ers, unless the main cross-ers (*);
                      b) -  I spoke with Henrique Lucena hundreds of times.
He was then President of the BKC / CBKC, who resided here in Rio, the headquarters of BKC / CBKC when discussion about mixed-ing quietly began and then became public. Along with Christopher Habig's from the Fur MolosserClub of Germany , I obtained from him the
first declaration of mixed-ing (see link "Documents from 1980 until 83, doc. 10.14). Subsequently, Lucena wrote further evidence in the Preface of the excellent book by Antonio Carlos  Linhares Borges (see link documents for 1984 onwards, docs and 11:20 p. 7 and 8);

                      c) - I always kept the door open and had close talks with - please do not be surprised-  the er of  Old English Masfiffs, then President of the Paulista Fila Club and, in my opinion, one of the,
if not the main person responsible for crossing (*), Joao Batista Gomes, from São Paulo (see link for Documents 1979, 9:23 docs and 9.24.and Photos);

                      d) - Several times and even some in my office, I spoke to Procópio Valle, in my opinion another great Mix-er (*), who also lived in Rio. At the time he had obtained,  through me, permission from CAFIB, to publish a CAFIB text in his Book. This document  with conditions agreed for this publication, which we both signed, today remains among my documents.

According to him, this text was not published because for budget  reasons. However, according to my understanding, because it uncovers all mixed-bred dogs and illegal predatory mixed-ing and that was happening with the Fila with knowledge from his accomplices,  the  BKC / CBKC.

However, I recognize that talk Procópio was very tiring. I began to call his thought process  "The Procopian Logic" In my opinion, it is disconnected reasoning, many times having no logic being very difficult to be properly followed. I've always said that,  even to him, because I was always honest in showing my thoughts directly and clearly. In order to demonstrate this "No-logic, logic", I exemplify Procópio's reasoning : 15 - 5 = 4. Therefore, 4 - 3 = 9. Thus, 9 + 8 = 542!

Please, Peter, note that in Procópio's book, any mutt dog (mongrel) in any old photo, becomes an authentic representative of the Fila Brasileiro !  Any citizen wearing an  Expeditionary hat, suddenly becomes the famous Brazilian, Marechal Rondon. The well-known  defender of the Brazilians  Indians! Any mutt belonging Mr. Frederick Chalmers becomes an ancient black-Fila -- evidence of the prior existence of the black fila --- even  having an inscription behind this picture, I repeat: ---  WRITTEN BEHIND THIS PHOTO IN HIS OWN HAND, BY IT'S OWNER, MR. WILLIAN FREDERICK CHALMERS  ---  "Mongrel of different s, 1942 "... as reported and evidenced by the Dutch er, based in Spain, Mrs. Ines Van Damme, but Procópio omitted  in a crime against the correctness and the real truth.

For God's sake, Peter, let's be somewhat consistent: the famous Procopio`s quote by French painter Renoir (1841 - 1919) "Black is a very important color, perhaps the most important ... ", and thus, " ... Columela, Roman authority in Agriculture ... "said in the 1st century DC that a guard dog must be "... preferably black ..." has nothing, absolutely, nothing to do with the original and natural color of a particular or animal !!!

Due to this troubled Procopiana logic, devoid of logical sense, Paulo Santos Cruz wrote a masterful and unforgettable article on miscegenation (please see link "Documents from 1980 up to 83", doc 10:13 pp. 2 to 7).

                     e) - The only cross-er (*) I was not able to talk to, called
Ênio Monte from São Paulo, had several different Filas including some excellent ones, even ones from Parnapuam bloodlines. He held them in the city, at his Kennel in São Paulo. That is where his dogs performed many matings and therefore where he had Fila bitches in heat along with his only Old English Masfiff (please see link "Documents 1978 ", doc` s 8:21 and 8.21.a and Photo).

Note: Neither João Batista Gomes nor Ênio Monte had Old English Mastiff FEMALE !!!...

Thus, Peter, to have the opportunity to talk personally to a European er such as yourself, which I have not met, to visit Good Faith Kennel, to know how you became interested in the Fila and what lead you to begin, for what reason you started to , how you picked your dogs, who oriented you, why you chose CBKC dogs, if you knew of the CAFIB before you started  ing your dogs, etc... All this is very interesting for me to know. After all Peter, you are a person who chose to and cultivate a Brazilian dog in your country --- this is very cool and should be respected.

4. You mentioned "mixed-bred dogs" and Cross-ers:

Peter, you know why I purposely mentioned  Ênio Monte, even without ever having been able to talk to him and why I always put a (*) next to the Word mixed-bred? Because in my opinion, the Fila has unfortunately  3 major cross-ers: João Batista, Ênio and Procópio. These were the 3 men who, in my opinion, introduced  into the Fila Brasileiro , consciously and systematically for years, the blood of different s, mainly,  the  Old English Mastiff and the Black Great Dane.

I could include one other cross-er. A person called Ibrahim, who
I was never able to identify and locate. He was a highway patrol man, also from São Paulo. He had Filas but bought a couple of Neapolitan Mastiffs from Italians living in Sao Paulo  in the beginning of the 1970s . This character has disappeared since. I believe that the dog named Araribóia (please  See Photos Link), unfortunately father of two of the dogs with which I started my ing program with,  was born at Ibrahim's kennel and was purchased without the knowledge of this fact by a man from Rio de Janeiro called Gastalho and who brought it to Rio. Afterward, recognizing signs of crossing,  passed  Arariboia along to Cláudio Fontes of the Pampas Kennel, which knew nothing about FIlas and where I bought my dogs. This history, among others, are told in detail in the INTRODUCTION section of my site.

The difference is that the first 3 systematically and during years and years introduced this foreign blood into the FIla . While Ibrahim disappeared, but the damage caused by the Neapolitan to the FIla still endured... After this and from the beginning, Peter, there were many crosses, without any knowledge whatsoever.  Example: I found an took a photo of a Old English Mastiff in the city of Petropolis near Rio, where its owner, Mr. Fisher, confided to me that Fila ers crossed their females with his mastiff male (please see Photos link).

Please note that in  the Portuguese  language "crossing" means "mixing" dogs of two different s (shepherd with boxer), but "mate" means ing dogs of the same (Fila with Fila ).

Thus, I believe these 4 characters, especially the first 3, started this illegal and unregulated practice of mixing the Fila Brasileiro with dogs of other s. With the arrival of the 1980s, this illegal procedure only spread and worsened, making the Fila issue in one year 8000 pedigrees. For the "glory" of  CBKC  which took in the revenue...

Sometimes, I think that it would be fair to add to this list of 4 cross-ers above, a Brazilian er who moved to the USA and became a great  puppy merchant. I do not think that she crossed  pure-bred Filas with Mastiffs, Danes or Neo's. However the lady purchased entire liters in Brazil, as if sold by the kilo, only to resell them in the USA. I understand that she has spread so many mixed-bred dogs and the pro-cross-ing ideas in USA that the damage caused by her is huge, the equivalent or worse than the 4 ers cited previously.

Despite expert awareness of the cross-ing problem she wrote some
books and omitted this important moment in the History of the Fila from the American public. How can someone honest, recount the history of the and not mention an important fact such as this? Maybe the damage that she has caused by spreading crossbreds into the USA, and deceiving unwary  naïve Americans who did not know our FIla, while speaking fluent English and translating articles, makes her a major responsible party and also guilty for the dissemination of such lies and thus the pro-cross-ing culture in the USA. Perhaps her fault is even greater than
the first 4, I do not know. I think we have to better analyze her position.
Forgive me if I persist: how could this woman fool so many people for so long? Had she never considered nor thought about the consequences of her actions? How many Americans were fooled by her, how many could have bought true Filas, even if only the CBKC?  Why spread the black fila in the USA when Germany had already refused this color in the 1980's ? Would It be just to earn profit from the sale of young black puppies, sold as if they were rare, at a higher price? Peter, we can not forget that the black dog with a FIla Pedigree, was sold as a result of "genetic rescue", a product being scarce and therefore more valued, When in reality it is a cross-bred of a pure Fila with a black Great Dane, that is, a huge "FILAMARQUES" !!!

I think these 5 people are very responsible for this grand mixed-ing
and all its consequences. Peter,  If I, a Brazilian, ended up purchasing three dogs, in 1974, only 40 minutes from my house, picked 2 crosss and only one  pure Fila (please see link "Canil Cafibra, docs 15.1a. and
b. - Presentation Kennel CAFIBRA) was deeply saddened and disappointed to realize this, I wonder how foreigners like yourself, who have never been to Brazil and do not speak Portuguese, must feel to discover this. How much disappointment and sadness! Actually, I understand how difficult this situation is to accept.  That is why CAFIB has always been very concerned when passing this information to owners of crosss who were not approved in the Cafb Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament, what happens before all Cafib`s Exposition or Shows.  Hence the CAFIB has always had as standard to give all the dogs a chance to show their real origins, through matings with different Filas.

As an example, I mention one that I believe is a good illustration: Let us imagine that the Dobermann were not world famous. I wonder how good faith a er of Dobermanns in Russia, discovered years later, that his have their ing program started with mongrel dogs, purchased  with pedigrees from German  ers as if the Dobermanns were pure?  And what if this Russian er later discovers that in fact these cross-ers admitted that they had crossed Dobermanns with Rottweilers because they wanted  "... to enlarge and improve the dobermann ..." as was said in Brazil discretely although not presenting any genetic control? And, subsequently the russian er becomes aware that another German  er decided to create the Yellow Dobermann, crossing  Dobermanns with pure-bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks... ? Finally, the Russian discovers that another German woman , who moved to Russia, despite knowing all this history of miscegenation and who spoke fluent Russian, is importing hundreds of crossbred  Dobermanns dogs from Germany, with Dobermann pedigrees  to resell them and earn much money and spread several fake Dobermanns in Russia and a script of lies to Russia, by writing books and creating a dog club ?

Will this Lady who was sold dogs in the USA now be able to deny the
mixed-ing and  that she had no prior knowledge of this crime?
As I wrote in the Introduction to my site, the World has changed, today it is too small . Today we are one Global Village. Peter,  the information today is free and released without owners or control, on the web. True information can no longer be manipulated and denied.

5. The right of each individual to cross dogs as he wishes :
See Peter,  in my opinion, we all have the right to cross- dogs. No one has absolutely nothing to do with it. After all, we are free!  Even so if one really wants to do something serious and controlled, with a clear  and pre-defined objective. I even saw the American Bulldog  In the USA. The objective of this group of Americans ers was to get a taller Old English Bulldog higher, as in fact it was in the past, as well as improve its breathing. The pre-defined and controlled experiment work was held at Cornell University if I am not mistaken  ... As a result there has been a well recognized in the USA by the  ARBA for many years , Their pedigrees are controlled and they regularly participate in shows. In a few years this will be recognized by the FCI. This is an example of serious and honest result. Without misleading or deceiving anyone.

What I don't have to accept  in any way is the fact that a small group of
people gave themselves  the right to cross-  Fila`s with  dogs of various s and:

                    a) - say they wanted to improve the Fila , but not requesting authorization from  BKC / CBKC to start this experiment, which as any other, could go wrong;

                    b) - not perform any type of registration and "stud book"  control,  which could prove whether or not if this improvement experiment existed,  the crosses performed  as well as positive or the negative results from  these crosses;

                    c) -  total lack control of the experience desired;

                    d) - falsifying pedigrees puppies in order to sell and earn income; without authorization and regulation;

                  e) - falsifying pedigrees and running the offense of
ideological falsehood, disregarding the agreement between the BKC / CBKC with the Ministry of Brazilian Agriculture and also with the FCI, of registering only pure-bred dogs...

                    f) It goes without saying, that the crime of a changing the standard and closure of the Initial Registry (RI) book. Peter, how could an Initial Registration (RI) book be closed in the country of origin of their own ?  This which originated and had become established in the countryside of Brazil,  a country that is  continental in size? Peter, how is such an intentional crime committed? Only to reduce the number of pure Filas and increase the stock of Mestizos ? To make money? Why did they not set up the Brazilian MASTIFF ? Only because this dog would not sell ...

Peter, I believe that practically all FIla kennels had in their beginnings mixed-bred dogs in their beginnings. We all have had our mutts. Make no mistake, this is very true. I do not recall of any founder of CAFIB that has not had their share of crosss.

Certainly,  as years have passed  and  with the guidance and work developed by CAFIB through its examination of Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament,  as well as our control of approved litters and subsequently the establishment of UNIFILA, starting a ing program with only pure-bred FIlas became much easier. Simply enter the web  and see how many Filas having exceptional quality there are.

The big, no, the huge and brutal difference is that when we realized that
our dogs were just "different",  mainly in the mid -1970's, we sought after a guy named Paulo Santos Cruz, called and recognize by everybody as the Father of the Fila, who lived away in the City ofSantos, State of  São paulo and where we visited him at hundreds of times. We organized courses he taught and helped convince him to return to Brasileira Cynophilia. We were convinced the terrible fact that we had crosss in our litters, we ended up removing them from our ing programs. Consequently, we organized into a group that transformed into CAFIB.

The main objective of CAFIB is precisely what the meaning of the verb contained in its name: IMPROVE.  CAFIB - Fila Brasileiro Improvement Club. Improve the Fila . That is, to  improve, purify. Giving a chance for these dogs to show their origins through mating, and finally, to preserve them as we have inherited it from Mother Nature.

The big difference is that as our group identified the problem, we created the CAFIB, a brave and responsible option,  even going against the CBKC -- the major accomplice of mixed-ing. We opted to create a clear solution for the mixed-ing problem, with rules and within the law, seeking  relief  through our Ministry of Agriculture, where  won the case against the CBKC on technical terms but,  lost through lobbying during the political regime of the Military Revolution (see link "CAFIB and the Ministry of Agriculture"). Other alleged ers, pretended to ignore the existence of the mixed-ing and tried to pass their puppies forward, creating a molossoide type of dog, inventing theories to justify their dogs, such as Fila Terceirence theory and the Maurice de Nassau Dutchman theory,  changing the standard for the Fila belonging to the CBKC in mock Symposiums in Brasilia. They fooled many buyers, even worse,  did it even abroad, worst of all, this culture based on crossing was spread and established throughout the entire United States of America from where it spread to several countries in the world. This is an act of selfishness,  lack of patriotism, unmeasured consequences and total contempt for Nature, and forgive me --- even atrocious stupidity.

Peter, forgive me for being very, very long winded, in this email to you I've repeated many things already written by me in the  INTRODUCTION of my Site , because I do not know if you've read it. Because this Site is very large I created a link called "Super Recommended Reading" (I also organized a link only in the English Language) which in fact is a selection of the most important documents. I would love if you could spend at least a little of your time on that part.

I think that you've inspired me to write this email was that you have
written that , like me, you like to "share ... and it is always good
know everything there is on both sides. "

Grateful for your attention.
I remain at your entire disposal.
Feel free to disagree, question and even doubt.

Very best regards, Chico Peltier.


----- Original Message -----
From: Peter Good Faith
To: 'fbcp2009'
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2009 16:30 PM
Subject: RE: reply ...

Dear Mr. Francisco,

Thank you very much for your email and the time you have spent responding to my email. You can be sure that, although we have differing views about the , it is a privilege receive your messages.  It is always a pleasure for me to exchange ideas with educated person which  has the experience you have in the Sir.

Anyway, if it's not out of your way, it would be a pleasure to meet you at the "New Hope City" and  be able to talk about the Fila. I thought you had family or friends here. But if you come solely for, my contact information is on my site and I am available to help with anything you need.

 I even ask that you call me in any situation, however small it may be. If you need any information or tips before coming, send me by email.
best regards

Regards,  Peter Good Faith.



Well friends, since clarifying these opinions and historical data, mainly
during a long phone call between Mr. Peter Good Faith and  I, a meeting
was arranged for next September in "New Horizon City". The only thing left  was to find out who the er or ex-er named João Batista do Valle e Monte Cruel was.  Exactly, the one who sent  Mr. Peter Good Faith a link to my website, in order for him to know the true history of the Fila Brasileiro  .

Curious to uncover this, I researched  all my 1800 email addresses and then in through the CAFIB and Unifila member records. Nothing was found. I then searched, the  BKC, CBKC, CAFIBE, FCI, VDH, AKC, AKC, FBCA, ARBA, FBA, NAKC, IABCA records. Incredible: again no data was achieved. Then I had the idea to ask my old and dear friend of many battles Paulo Roberto Godinho for help. As I wrote on my site, Paulo is like a mobile encyclopedia. He knows all the details of all the events, ers, kennels and people involved in the Brazilian cynophilia. Paulo thought and thought, but nothing came up. He felt obliged to ask me for a few days to investigate. But, unfortunately, to my surprise, Paulo Godinho also failed to associate João Batista`s  name to anyone. Nothing, absolutely, nothing was revealed!

I was almost giving up ... but a thread of hope always remained in myself,
since the persistence  is a characteristic of my personality ...

My friends say that just as the Fila knows to "filar" (*) grab prey with teeth I know to hold my thoughts and goals firmly  ...

(*) Portuguese Dictionary Michaelis: FILAR, means  a dog secure prey with teeth.; a dog  hold prey with teeth.

Basically,  I had a ray of hope. I would find out who this João Batista
do  Valle e Monte Cruel would be and who had also, without my knowledge, forwarded my Site to Mr. Peter Boa Fe, ..

I was almost giving up ---  "fila-ing”... --- When my phone rings at 3
am. It was Paulo Godinho and he brought the much awaited answer. He just had a consulted with his Portuguese Uncle: the archaeologist and Priest Paulo Giovane Godinho, who conducts research in sacred places of the Holy Land for years. He was conducting excavations in the city of Capernaum,  at the shores of the Sea of Galilee, where Apostle Peter's,  founder of the Catholic Church, house was, when Paulo contacted him. Friends, besides being an archaeologist Father Paul  Giovane Godinho is also an  exorcist! That's right!  An exorcist, having  published several books and published many cases!

Thus, with the help of Father Paulo, the archaeologist-exorcist, it was very
easy to find out who João Batista do Valle e Monte Cruel, is a tormented spirit that wandering the world, trying to redeem his sins... In his past life he crossed several pure Filas with Old English Mastiffs, Neapolitan Mastiffs and black Danes. He had been responsible for the emergence of
different  crosss and "filamarques". He modified the original standard f the Fila inside CBKC and developed false theories about the origin of the Fila (Terceirence  and  Mauricio de Nassau). Misled many ers, especially beginners. These were serious and honest people who were deceived  by him, not only in Brazil but in several countries of the world, mainly the United States of America.

Then,  this inferior spirit, seeks its evolution, correcting his great mistakes
of his past live.

Father Paulo says that by their sins against the Fila Brasileiro, the  Mother Nature and Brazilian Fauna, João Batista  do Valle e Monte Cruel will roam the world of darkness another one hundred thousand years ... always explaining the true history of the Fila Brasileiro and the sad chapter of their uncontrolled mixed-ing.

Finally, Father Paulo Giovane Godinho still asks every day to light a candle to illuminate the path of the wandering spirit.

So be it, Amen.

Important notes:

1.  Let  us not forget that in Portuguese language the word "cruel" means, according to Michaelis and Houaiss Dictionaries: to cause pain, one
who likes to do evil, to torment, to mistreat, ruthless, hideous, painful, cause suffering, unhappiness, tragedy, etc ...

2. I would like to express my gratitude to my dear friend Ligia Morris who  translated  into english this email exchange in a very short period of time.
Tanks a lot, Ligia.


By Chico Pletier

June,   2.009



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